Didi Asks - She Can Event

on 7th of March we participated in SHE CAN; The leading Women Entrepreneurship Event in Egypt as an exhibitor.

It was a great opportunity to introduce our product and brand to the attendees and check the following:
1- validating the customer persona, problem, solution and price.
2- studying a new market and planning for new products ( we found that university students is a potential customer and we are preparing a version meets their needs with lower price).
3-Brand awareness increased, our sales increased after the event.

Some pictures from the Event that hosted around 6000 attendees.


ping @zmorda @OCILab


Hi @HadeerGhareeb, I realise I never asked you:
How much do the cards cost? and can you order them online, or if not get a digital version?
well done!


hi, the cards are 24 USD
134 cards (questions in 7 different categories, Action cards and star cards) + packaging in a nice cloth bag.

Yes, you can order it online from FB Store "we are making a website too - but not released yet :smiley: "
We have a contract with a delivery company inside Egypt.

Hopefully, international shipping would be applicable too if not w are either planning to get a contact with a publisher in other countries or making it available as pdf for people to print.


@HadeerGhareeb thanks for the updates , for international sales I would recommend you to have local parters or resellers who will take Care of printing and delivering the cards to the final customers.
The co-working space are a good starting point you can check with @khaoula @ichraf from Tunisia @OCILab please help me to tag the community members from Lebanon and Jordan as well so Hadeer can initiate the discussion with them.