Didi Asks - What's Next?

Finally, Didi Asks came to life, to be the first version of many games/cards to be released in the future.

Being part of OCI lab, has helped in developing the business model and a good understanding of the market which helped us see more opportunities to grow and reach easier those who seek us too. Besides, the financial support from OCI Lab that mainly helped in developing the final product and participates in a major event like She can to test it.

so what’s next?
Considering that communication is a skill we can practice to build connection with others, we are trying to use the value of communication to create card games that help in having fun, raise awareness, education, and even self-exploration.

From this, we are aiming at designing more cards tackling certain topics and we are planning to start with romantic relationships.

Didi Loves to be a card game, that puts you in a journey of 3 stations, first, you define yourself before entering that relation while advancing with it to the second station to engage the other person and learn more about and finally get to know how this relationship should continue.

Also, as Didi Asks now have an online community on Facebook, where people are motivated to post their own questions and share answers besides meeting online to play together. Seeing the possibility of extending the concept of didi asks and even upgrade the existing version, we want to create Mobile App to be a practical tool to add on the new versions and put more levels and help the community to grow and connect. In addition to reaching more people in different conditions and let people play together while each is in different homes, cities or countries.

So as I am working on the new version of cards I am looking for connections with people in the mobile app industry to go forward in that path too.


ping @zmorda @OCILab

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Good job, wish you best of luck in your future adventures :slight_smile:

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thank you @jasen_lakic :slight_smile:

Ahaha … this is great :blush:

If you’d put that into a mobile app form factor in a fun and entertaining way, it could even have a long-term future as a new way of dating.

I wrote a mobile app over the last half year, using a new and relatively unknown open source tech that allows to create native apps for both Android and iPhone and at the same time even for all desktop platforms. The alternative that can do something similar is only Google’s new framework Flutter (which is all the hype right now, but I don’t touch anything Google if I don’t have to …).

Can’t write your app as I’m low on time, but you can ask if you want a second opinion about tech choices.


oh, yes a new way of dating.

great, i will check this and will get back to you if I have questions (which is normally a habit now) :smiley: :smiley:

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