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Matteo aka @geminiimatt here to answer your questions. I will return monthly to answer what I can. Here are the slides of my presentation:

Here are notes from a 2016 presentation I gave.

Let’s use this space to ask and answer questions. Thank you. Take care of each other and when online, be safe & secure. If you have a question on a particular slide just leave a comment on the slide & I will answer it there.


feel free to ask your questions as replyies or post under here. i will write back answers.


ping @rachel see ^^

Howdy! Thanks for the advice Nadia!
I guess I will copy paste here! Hoping Matt sees this… :smile:

loved your presentation Matt, almost as much as the dinner the night before! just 2 quick questions: what do you think of having both ‘public’ and ‘friend’ side to fbs - are the pics of my kids not out there for all?? will it help avoid trouble with political comments etc (although rump’s name is never ‘spoken’ by me! :wink:
Also, here I see you are using googledocs too - do you think companies and us all should keep doing this also? (even my AGiR! site is on google but I never use the tags… (bad?) so I think isn’t always found… more discrete? :stuck_out_tongue: )

another, now personal, question
(if you don’t mind!!):
do you really speak japanese?
we have half japanese cousins to my girls out there now (one boy about your age! and the younger girl is 18 and super sweet, going to pharmacy school) but their papa is leaving the old homestead for a new friend in singapore! :wink:

a bit more:
I was telling the Hackteria guys Marc D and Urs, and my co-pres Vanessa of Hackuarium in Lugano yesterday that you are the computer security guru for this group and many others. The idea that our joining in to use more secure tools, to help people trying to do good in the face of the system also was of great interest…
I wonder if we can lure you to Switzerland one day for further advice?
Would it be ok if I share the info from your OpenVillage Festival presentation with others??

Have a great weekend!
ciao for now,

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Happy to be of assistance. I have four full answers coming your way, soon as I get off this flight. Until then… 1) Facebook settings work on users but not governments 2) you can use Google docs safer by changing settings & behavior, however Google docs should be avoided if possible.3) はい私は少し日本語を話すor yes I speak a little japanese. My vocabulary is less&less each year. 4) I travel all the time so honored to sit with friends anywhere.