Discourse-Plugin to suggest alternatives to GAFAM&Co. (idea stage)

I was just reading this:

and had an idea for a discourse plugin: when a user inserts a link to e.g. google docs, the plugin would automatically present some information like:

You are referencing the webpage ABC. This can be considered problematic because of 123. These services are considered as an alternative: X, Y, Z . >click here< to change the link.

Of course this needs more serious considerations (there shouldnt be censorship; and who should “judge” the external references by which criteria? And who is to choose the alternatives? I guess there would be multiple valid solutions, but it sure would need some thought-love, which I don’t want to put in right now.

If the topic for the next prototypefund would match well and/or you (or somebody else) are able to find other funding, I offer my help in laying out some more groundwork, pitch an application and help with the implementation.

Oh, I like that idea :slight_smile: As a way to fight back, that could be quite effective (when deployed on larger forums and the like).

Haven’t seen that approach in a forum so far … it would be a new one. The closest thing I know is the list of “anti-features” for packages in the F-Droid repo of open source Android applications.

As a first black/white-list the JSON data from All Projects - PRISM Break (PRISM Break / PRISM Break · GitLab) could be used.

@matthias Maybe you could emancipate these Comments in an own topic (~ “Idea for e.g. Prototypefund: Discourse-Plugin to suggest alternatives to GAFAM&Co”).

Done! It needed some light editing as well to avoid confusions. So this here is the new topic, and (as a reference for others), this is the original topic from which this was split off.

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The current NLNet call might be fitting (Privacy and Trust enhancing technolgy).