Distributed Meetups and Making LOTE4 Meetup

Meetups are an enormously effective way to connect individuals and initiatives, unlock the platform newcomers and extend our network whilst reinforcing the Edgryders community offline.

This process allows as to move fast, test innovative ideas/and prototypes in physical spaces, collaboratively tackling specific tasks and to minimize our to-do lists. This is specifically relevant in the lead up to LOTE4, the proceeding hackathon. Potentially this process could help us how to be equipped and primed and offer some answers to how we approach the LOTE and how we master its aftermath. Not only in content that can be discussed during these Meetups but their structure and approach as continuous miniature satellite session that can take place throughout the year. These meetups can provide content to trial documentation techniques and tools that @Kei began to collate here, in Documenting Lote4.

Despite this, these meetings could turn out a damaging result on the community, dividing the network into location splinter groups preventing information being distributed to the entire labyrinth, the elemental fraction of Edgeryders. But to ignore the potential benefits and possibilities of this approach seems a futile and feeble retort than to chance the resilience of the network in a more fitting, live or die strategy.

So how do we go ex and reap the benefits of mixing online and offline techniques for effective communication and coordination within our teams and community without jeopardising the future of the Edgeryders network.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Productive and regular Meetups.
  • Previously set agendas working towards shared and clear targets. This agenda should  comprehendible and inclusive to newcomers as it is existing Edgeryders.
  • Meetups are run like Lote4 sessions with people responding to an agenda submitted by an individual and can be explored open  at any location that wants to hold a Meetup.
  • The Meetups are simultaneous and distributed and always take place at two or more locations.
  • A focus on feedback between Meetups to guarantee the relaying of developments and ideas on the platform.
  • Meetups are run like LOTE4 sessions with people responding to an agenda submitted by an individual and can be explored openly at any location that wants to hold a Meetup.