Making LOTE4 Meetup and Agenda

Making Lote4 Meetup is the initial Distributed and Silmutaneous Edgeryders Meetup and a continuation of the Lote4 Nomadic Tour Meetups, part of the Case Study Adventures.

It is a synchronisation of efforts between London based Edgeryders London Re- Gathering @emkay @Ben and Making Lote4 in Real-Life Edgeryders gathering and @Dorotea @Hazem

Can Distributed and Silmultaneous Meetups drive action fast and achieve a local-global balance though dissemination of an Meetup agendas and feedback occurring in a physical space with existing Edgeryders and newcomers.

Making Lote4 Meetup Agenda

- what are the interesting examples of stewardship that could be found in berlin/ London ?

- propose a session for the LOTE4

- propose a hackathon track

- Going to Matera from Berlin ? ,lets plan our travel together