Do you like cars? We are hiring!

We are an academic research project collecting stories from car enthusiasts about their experiences of using, repairing or buying modern cars. Our objective with the project is to explore new ways in which the design, production and use of cars can make them less harmful to the environment. Ones that will be attractive to car users, and be practially possible to realise.

We begin this process by collecting stories from a broad range of people who use or work on cars.

Then we invite people to discuss one another’s stories and co-create ideas together with car industry experts for better alternatives to what is currently available on the market.

We are hiring for different positions to join our team!

Who is the right kind of person for this work?

  • Are you interested in cars and want to contribute to less negative impact on the environment?
  • Can you research and find good events for meeting and interviewing car enthusiasts?
  • Can you organise an event where people meet, listen to and discuss one another’s car-related stories?
  • Are you based somewhere in Europe?

If your answer is yes to one or more of the questions, then we have freelance paid work to offer you as part of our research team. You can work remotely.

How much do we pay?

We pay standard industry rates for freelancers in your country. What the industry rates are depend on what kind of work we mutually agree on that you would deliver. For example - making a film has a different budget than doing an interview or organising an event…

How to apply?

We are mindful of your and our time so we keep the whole process to under 2 hrs.

  • Read this article. Leave a comment on it to show us that you understand and can relate to the topics. It should not take you more than 20 minutes.

  • Send us an email to No long cover letter or a CV. Just include links to websites where we can see you are interested in cars and can reach other car enthusiasts - It can be a blog, a car-enthusiast forum or group you are active on. A link to an event you have organised. An instagram or vimeo account. etc. We are interested in what you can do, not where you have worked in the past. This should take you max 20 minutes.

  • Tell us you availability for a 30-40 min video meeting. The purpose is for us to ask a few questions to get to know you better, and explore how we might work together. Just propose some times that work for you.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Where is the money coming from?

We are funding this through research grant 722023 (Horizon2020 programme) from the European Commission for Treasure , the European research project on the circular economy in the automotive industry. Your contributions will inform our research results, which will eventually be published online and made freely available for everyone to read.

What happens with people’s data?

Anyone data shared with with us Edgeryders, via platforms we manage or through our events is covered by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For more details about how we deal with data within a research context you can refer to our Ethics and Consent rules.