Doing good: the Edgeryders community makes our video global

Ok, so it’s Christmas time, and we all feel, you know, good. But Lucas Gonzalez took that to a whole new level. With an incredible act of kindness, he took it upon himself to transcribe the words of the Edgeryders 3 minutes presentation video to create subtitles for the hearing impaired. He then went a step a further and translated the subtitles into Spanish! Thank you Lucas, we are really, really honored by your committment. It means a lot to this bunch of lonely Eurocrats that somebody cares about what we are trying to do so much to actually want to help. Please, everybody, let’s head off to Lucas’s Edgeryders page to say hello and thank you. This is a lot of cred for the House of the Fox, his House of choice. Lucas used Universal Subtitles, an online service that makes it supereasy to translate subtitles in any language (translations are automagically synced with the video). So, if you want to help too you can translate the subtitles in your own language. To do so, go here and you’ll be translating in a few seconds. I am going to start an Italian translation. Anybody wants to help me? Any other language?

Kudos to Lucas!..

I offer to translate it into Romanian, I’m sure it will be useful for the community and it will speak to future members : )

That’s very generous, Noemi. Sure, go right ahead! Follow the link and the instructions, it’s very intuitive.