"Down the rabbit hole FB ads" - content to be created for ECONFI campaign

Why this campaign?

These ads will go to people who have either already seen the CF campaign or added to cart the pledge but haven’t pledged out of this or that reason and need more convincing.

To convince them, I’ll create an Image Carousel Ad with pledges so they can see what they get for what money.

For those that don’t know, they are ads with images where you swipe right on several images. Here’s the idea.

Copy (feel free to tweak and change):

Creating a new economy that will contribute to a more humane, greener and fairer world, isn’t a task that one can do alone.

From as little as 5€, you can help to make this ‘science fiction idea of a new economy’ a reality!

Don’t forget, Cory Doctorow is coming to Brussels on November 11th, and we want to see you in the seats there while we create a new economy together!

Headline that will go below each image: Pledge 5€, Pledge 15€ … (each image will have the pledge to which it’s referring to reduce the amount of text in an image)


@augusto did a great job in creating pledge explanation images, just to make them work with Facebook, they would need to be adjusted. If someone can create a string of images that follow a format like this (artists freedom is encouraged to make it prettier, just FB friendly):

Image size: 1080x1080px
How it should look like (my rough idea) here.

You Get - 36pt (in Adobe Photoshop)
Rest of the text: 24pt

You can test it if its FB approved by uploading them here. If you don’t have FB, send them to me, I’ll check them.

Do try to keep it organised in a similar manner as FB doesn’t like text all that much.

@owen or @nadia @inge @ilaria @augusto or anyone who can make these images? And do check the copy of the ads