[Draft]: Campaign Video

The Story

Future Makers is an experimental initiative that aims to explore what happens when we combine the strengths of different networks (and their working styles) in novel collaborations, projects and online event formats. We invite artists, hackers, lawyers, activists, researchers, doctors etc to collaboratively build a "guide" to networked collaboration for activists and innovators in which the book is the "score", and the online events the "performance". 


Where we are now. What has prompted us to start this crowdfunding/sourcing project.


How did we get to this point, who are we and why is this a viable project, what experience do we have in this field?


Show what our project success will look like, how are the contributions people make and the money we raise going to help us achieve our goals?

The Narrative

We are not sure what to put emphasis on in how we present the initiative and call to action. So the best way is to do an A/B test of two emails and landing pages to select the best version.

Version A: Peer to peer support

A new world is being built by people working far outside the mainstream. Future Makers is connecting the protagonists, hackers and social innovators, to their peers. What we have to offer is our time, knowledge, skills. And the determination to help one another. What are you building? How can we work together? Come tell us. Future Makers is brought to you by the Edgeryders community, UNDP, UNV and…You. [add URL here]

Version B: Building bridges between the edges and the centre

Add your suggestion here?

Version C: Add something else here

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How do we create a powerful video

  1. We start by examining at least 10 other video pitches before beginning. We look at successful projects and unsuccessful ones alike. We think about and analyze why some were better than others and plan our video accordingly.

Checklist: key information

We have to make sure we describe our project, our goals, why we need the contributions and money, how we’ll use them and the time frame in which we need pledges to come in. And we definitely should not forget to describe the rewards we have to offer. We need to answer these questions for the audience:

Who are you?

What is your background relevant to this project? Why should I trust you?

What is your project?

What’s so special about it?

What does it look like?

How long will it take to complete the project?

How much backing do you need to complete the project?

How will you use the contributions and money?

What rewards are you offering?

What will you do if you get more contributions and money than you are asking for?

Why is your project worth viewers’ scarce time and hard-earned money ?

How will you keep in touch with the community during development, and after the product is released?



Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Scene 5

Existing resources

We already have a lot of footage, including #futurespotters interviews of some of the people who’s projects will be featured amongst the case studies.

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