Echopen and breathing games- meet each other!


Oliver please meet Fabio,

Fabio is a Canadian researcher that is @ WeMake with some mates (Bernard, Pov and Athena) involved in the Opencare Maker in Residence (you can read about it here or here).

Fabio is looking for information and knowledge about:

  • knowledge about device that can be uses in clinical studies

  • certification of medical device (or how to circumvent it) :wink:

I think your projects need to be in touch cause you’re approaching similar topics and issue!

It’ll be great if you wanna talk here (if possible) because many of the community and projects can leverage from this discussion.



@fabioballi ,

@Olivier  ?

Thanks @Costantino,

We are now in contact and we planned on discussing in the following days.



About certification and clinical, studies

Very relevant topics , I’d like to join @fabioballi ,

@Olivier  ?

Some start is here

Would love to hear more

I had missed this post and hope you ended up having having a conversation somewhere.

I also hope you’ll continue the conversation at OpenVillage with @breathinggames . A session on regulation & legal issues has been in demand, as @Olivier also mentioned before in his post and the session proposal where @markomanka goes into ethics and data protection.