Edgeryders are in Town

After a long day of Flights ,Finally arrived in beautiful Tbilisi . one can notice the energy and support from each one of the team from the first getting together in the airport.

so Adil and me  just arrived to the hostel - with the help of Inga- but couldn’t wait to see the town , so went for a walk . Adil took some shots for the morning vibes in the town , meet some beautiful people among them some young Iraqi students who showed us the way to a nice restaurant to have Georgian restaurant.

It doesn’t end here :slight_smile: we come back to the hotel to edit the video and have this amazing discussion with the hostel hosts exchanging ideas ,laughs and music ( the background Folk Georgian music of the video was the suggestion of Gaga -the host-of the GThostel ). Ah btw u might get a nice Georgian entertaining freestyle hip hop/ stand up comedy thing. too :))

Till now we are randomly meeting very nice people - hopefully some of them could show up in the event -as we have sent them general intended purpose of the gathering at Tbilisi to kick off “spot the future”, like that guy ( Nermin ) Adil meet on the plane, who works  how open democracy models can become materialized with least possible bugs. Nermin ,runs a business about international foundation for electoral systems )

Below is a photo of the Iraqi students, studying medicine and discussed on how possible making a mosaic of images showing various safety tips for medical treatments. They showed us some local traditions for breakfast and also some useful tips on buying fresh groceries. All in all we had a nice chat with and exchanged contacts to meetup at the conference.

We also meet and talked with locals who were out in the city early in the morning including  newspaper boys ,cleaners , waiters and people at the bus stop and heard how amazing the Georgian language sounds but didn’t understand anything though we managed to share smiles in the end .

Also worth mentioning that Adil just gave me a viral academy crash course style in storyboarding and editing videos. (that was part of our own experience exchange )

can’t wait to meet other futurespotters  :)

And last but not the least enjoy the video Adil and I cut a video to share that edgeryders are in town


@Aden and Hazem

I. Want. This music.

It is beautiful, really! Kind of like Bulgarian voices, but with male singers. I do hope we can get some live maybe?

The video is beautiful too, thanks!

supper like :slight_smile:

hi @hazem and all Edgryders at Tbilisi  , hope you successful event , I couldn’t join you there but as Egyptian says " my heart is with you :slight_smile: " .

I like the video with lovely singers too hope to share a lot of videos for the event 's sessions and for the beautiful  town also  :)

have a nice time @hazem and all , all the best :slight_smile: