Edgeryders at #32c3 | Setting up our homebase at the congress!

With only a few days to go it is now time to set up our “homebase” at 32c3! Those of you who have been to the congress before will know why it’s a good investment of time to make the effort :slight_smile:

Coordination and Documentation

This section is where we post the different ways in which we can get in touch with another before, during and after the event.

Edgerders.eu: You are in the 32c3 group where we coordinate, share highlights, and get back in touch after the event.

Twitter: For flash messages e.g. announcing dinner meetups, pinging people etc join the Edgeryders at 32c3 list.

Phone numbers: For emergencies, or any last minute coordination. Add yours here. Name:phone number | Name: Phone number | Name: Phone Number…

Setting up the space

This is our Edgeryders Assembly on the 32c3 wiki. What we get is an empty space as well as some basics. It is up to us to turn into a cool place to hack, meet people have great conversations, recharge between sessions etc. Please add your name to something you can help with!

Identify Exact Location: Edgeryders Assembly will be together with the Foodhackingbase in the Hardware hacking area (next to Mitch Altman)

Secure 2 Tables and 10 chairs from Orga: [Task Open]

Get 2-3 Extension chords: [Task Open]

Bring electric kettle and mugs: [Task Open]

Bring electric coffee maker and filters/capsules: [Task Open]

Bring Coffee, Tea and Sugar: [Task Open]

Activities and projects

Working on something you would like others to know about/get involved in but don’t know how? Got a topic you would like to present in a lightning talk and would like help setting it up? Add it in this section. If you have answers to others questions, post them in comments below.

1. How to make a personal project visible at the congress: I have a number of personal projects that I would like to present and find others working on relevant questions topics…so we can exchange experiences and maybe help one another. Not sure what is the best way to make it visible/reach out to others at the congress. Any suggestions? Please leave comments below! /@Nadia

Anything else? Add it below!

Image credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 via flickr / heipei

We can’t take much…

@Nadia and I have been on the road for the past week, and will not be touching base in Brussels before 32C3. So we have no extension chords, kettle or mugs.

On the other hand, we will be in Hamburg starting 26th night, ping us if there is anything we can do before we kick off!

Extension chords, kettle & mugs

I can sort out these things, sure. On a dodgy internet connection with my family - but there is access to shops & kettles :wink:

So I’m on these >>>

Get 2-3 Extension chords: [Task Open]

Bring electric kettle and mugs: [Task Open]

Bring Coffee, Tea and Sugar: [Task Open]

I’ve one problem - I booked travel way in advance, but imagined I could pick up a ticket to the conference on the door. This seems super risky reading the info on the wiki “There will be an also very limited amount of day passes for sale on-site. Please note that due to the Junghackertag the number of day passes available for sale will be particularly low on day two. Day passes will be sold on the day they are valid, not the evening before.” I’m searching for a safer option - so if anyone knows anyone with a ticket to sell - that’d be great. 

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Try twitter

@kate_g have you tried tweeting your ask for anyone selling tickets using #32c3 hashtag?

Also no ticket

I am in the same situation, have no ticket, but from my previous experience it is no problem to get day tickets if you go in the morning. Last year I actually even got a ticket for the full event, just arriving in the afternoon the first day - and it was also announced as sold out.

But, if you go searching for tickets and do find an additional one, please think about me :slight_smile: I’ll do the same if I come across something.

I will be arriving on the 27th in the morning and probably going directly to the center after leaving the luggage on the hostel (or maybe even before), to find tickets.

Ear to the ground

@gandhiano Yes, still looking. If anything comes up - I’ll get in touch. Otherwise, morning queue on the 27th


@Nadia Thanks. Yes. I’ve got a tweet out about ticket.

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Presenting projects

@Nadia, I think there are 3 good ways to present projects there:

  1. Holding a lightning talk (don't know if still possible to apply)
  2. Organising a workshop (you go in the wiki and add your workshop, choose a free room, etc., at any time)
  3. Sitting at the Edgeryders table and chatting with people that come by :)

I think choosing one or another depends a lot on what you want to present and achieve. E.g. if you want to pitch and grab attention I would go for the lightning talk, for exchange and networking then you need to sit down with others and not just present a pitch. Combining both will probably bring the best results.

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Help getting some some laptop stickers printed?

I wanted to ask if someone with access to a cheap printing service would consider making a small number of talk to me bubble laptop stickers to bring with you to 32c3?

My thinking is those who want to make it easier for others to talk to us about things relevant to our interests can post them on our laptops. And that if we have enough of them to give away at our table this will draw in a lot of people to our assembly :slight_smile:

The PDF file is available here.

Let me know if you can do this! I’ll be happy to cover the cost.



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euro plugs

If anyone’s got european extension plugs can you pack? Packing my extension leads and realise UK plugs not gonna be helpful to the majority. I’ll bring one lead anyway & some euro converters + kettle / tea / coffee. See you at dinner tomorrow

Euro converter

I think I have one with me.

Extensions cords: hopefully well-organized folks like @msanti and @Costantino will have some…


one with three spot (hand luggage :wink: )


I’ll bring some euro adapters


Max & me at generator - ready to eat! Where’s the eating at?


Max & me at generator - ready to eat! Where’s the eating at?


Max & me at generator - ready to eat! Where’s the eating at?