Final update: see you in Hamburg!

Hello all, 32C3 is almost here. Here is some useful information.

Warmup dinner

Let’s all have dinner together the night before diving in! Appointment at Generator Hostel at 21.00 on 26th (directions).


We have our own Edgeryders assembly at 32C3. You’ll find it here on the 32C3 wiki. At the time of writing location is unconfirmed, but rumours say we will be on the ground floor in the Hardware Hacking area, next to our friends of Food Hacking Base. Last year, the assembly was great as a place to meet up, chill out, or just hack away in peace when we did not feel like immersing ourselves in the action. A little effort to set it up so that it is homely and welcoming is worth it! Please read this wiki and let us know if you can help with any of the tasks.

Projects, ligthning talks etc.

We decided not to formally commit to do any projects or talks, but rather to simply enjoy the event. We strongly recommend you check out the amazing list of projects on the 32C3 wiki. However, @Lakomaa is up for discussing health care policies; and I (@Alberto) would like to try to build a visualization of self-diagnosis based on Wikipedia data. I experimentally created a project on the 32C3 wiki. @msanti, @mstn, @cjd or really anyone who likes playing with data, would you consider spending a couple of hours with me on this? First thing we need to do is understand the Wikipedia data model.


There will be Edgeryders both in Generator Hostel with ER-booked accommodation and Edgeryders traveling independently.

If you are at Generator Hostel read the following

We will be traveling as a formal group, which means we only have the one reservation to the name of Edgeryders. Generator has asked us to provide a rooming list to keep track of who is part of the group and when they are expected for check in.

Our final rooming list:

  1. Alberto Cottica and Nadia El-Imam: arriving one day early, on 26th December evening.
  2. @Thomas_Goorden arriving on 27th (by ICE, around 15h45 at the hostel), leaving on the 30th (ICE train at 8h45)
  3. @mstn: arriving on the 27th in the morning
  4. @Costantino and @zoescope: arriving on the 25th
  5. @kate_g: Arriving Hamburg 21.00 on 26th & leaving on 30th
  6. @Dorotea
  7. @maxlath arriving on : 26th by ICE, 19h45 - leaving on : 30th evening
  8. @Hazem arriving on : 27th morning (10 am )- leaving on : 30th evening (9 pm)
  9. @gandhiano arriving on: 27th morning (11 am).
  10. @almereyda

We are still missing arrival times and/or full names from: @Dorotea (time), @kate_g (name), @gandhiano (time), @almereyda (name + time). If you are not comfortable with sharing your full name on the website, write me a private message.

Edgeryders with independent accommodation

Arriving on 27th

I will arrive on the 27th in the morning (around 10-11 AM) and leave the 30th in the evening (7-8 PM).

I didn’t know you would already be there on the 26th, could possibly have booked otherwise. A pity I will miss the warmup dinner. Guten appetit! (what is really sad not having a food hacking base this year…)

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room at Generator is from the 27th correct?

Hi Alberto,

we arrive on the 25th so we booked a room in a house for 25th and 26th, then join you at the hostel on the 27th. right?



The common rooms are available with check-in on the 27th, check-out on the 30th. People (like ourselves) who arrive earlier have to provide for their own accommodation for the nights before.

I’m landing @20:00

… so I’ll be there for dinner!