Edgeryders at IndieWebCamp Berlin?

I’m involved with the IndieWeb folks, who are about creating functionality / tools that do on the open web what silos do, and focusing on letting people be in control of their own identity, creative output and interaction. On Nov 23/24 there’s an IndieWebCamp in Berlin (2019/Berlin2 - IndieWeb ) These camps are about a day of discussing steps forward for IndieWeb, and a day of people working on a small thing for their own sites etc. Barcamp / unconference style.

Would there be someone interested to attend the Berlin IndieWebCamp and perhaps give a brief introduction there about what Edgeryders is/does and e.g. internet related work currently being done (like NGI)?

Oh, and the obvious: anyone of course is welcome to join the Berlin event. They’re fun if you have an interest in running your own website(s). I’ve organised two such IndieWebCamps in the Netherlands this year.


@BlackForestBoi, you mentioned that there was some connection between this and the Festival hackathon?

Yes I have been in contact with Tantek about this :heart_eyes:

The idea was that maybe you Hugi could give a short intro there about edgeryders, and the whole Indieweb crew could join our afterparty. Its just a 15min walk from one location to the other.


Great. Well, I will be in Berlin so will be sure to make it over to IndieWebCamp too @ton. I can give an Edgeryders talk, would be more than happy to. Let me move this to the Internet of Humans category too, as it fits with those activities. Ok with you?

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All right, if the connection is made, then I’ll leave it to you. It came up in a conversation I had with Tantek yesterday. Personally I think that giving an intro on Edgeryders at IndieWebCamp would be very useful. I find that the idea/principles of IndieWeb apply much more broadly to tool and technology use, but that that not always seems obvious to the IndieWeb community. Whereas Edgeryders applies notions like distributedness, tools within control of the user group not a third party etc., to basically every aspect of organising. That wider perspective would be of value to IndieWebCamp participants I hope.

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As I said, I’d be happy to. Who do you need to talk to?

@BlackForestBoi is in touch with Tantek (https://tantek.com) who’s a co-organizer of the Berlin IndieWebCamp, so that’s the way to go.

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@BlackForestBoi, will you set things up with Tantek?

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Meanwhile, could you say more about the kinds of projects that come out of IndieWebCamps?

IndieWebCamps are mostly focused on having people add / do something for their own website.

But in practice stuff gets discussed and re-used, so typically you also have things like:

  • finding ways of having private posts on your site, or limited audience posts
  • adding machine readable licensing info for embedded images
  • figuring out how to do specific types of content in one’s site / cms / static site generator such as bringing check-ins from Swarm/Foursquare to your site, or how to show maps sans Google Maps etc.

In general it’s about mixing a number of core components:

  • IndieAuth, which let’s you use your domain name as login (or your github profile), basically using your own site to do ‘login with facebook’: ‘login with yourdomain.tld’
  • Webmention, akin to pingback/tracback, of the type ‘this url linked to that url’
  • Microsub, subscribing to a feed
  • Micropub, publishing to a site
    and a few others.

combinations make it possible to e.g.

  • have my site post to Twitter, and get the responses there as backfeed, and show them with my posting.
  • have my site post to a variety of silos with my site as the original source
  • post, like, bookmark, comment to a posting from within a feedreader
  • have a client to post from my phone that isn’t my CMS’s default client

Thanks. The small DIY sites are where the soul of the 'Net lives in great measure.