Hackathon for Ethical Solutions to Unethical Problems - Berlin


Do you want to build ethical solutions to unethical problems in 72h?

Building a working Minimum Viable Product, finding users and sustainable revenue, and getting more funding.

People using the internet today face many difficulties. Their privacy is violated, their buying behaviours manipulated and their information diet is unhealthy. The social fabric is ripped apart and trust in each other and the vital institutions of our society is at an all-time low.

What solutions and approaches does it take to build ethical & sustainable (technology-driven) organisations that work for the people? What approaches to off- and online facilitation could work to bridge a growing social divide? What art installations or performances could inspire healing?

On November 22-24th, your team can take part in the EdgeRyders Festival Hackathon in Berlin to put your plans into action.

In this hackathon you’re not just hacking together something that is trashed after the weekend.

Supported by a community of 5000 activists, developers & designers we want to help you to get to the next steps of building a working Minimum Viable Product, sustainable revenue, and getting more funding from the NGI program and beyond.

This event is for your whole team and it is not only for building software. Facilitators from the field of organisational design, team management & mindfulness will guide you through a journey to connect with yourself, your team, your community and your project’s purpose. We’ll also run a Warm Data Lab. there.
Everything will be centred around the question: "what does sustainability mean in practice?&quot

This is a community created event where we help each other with the expertise we can share to kickstart new projects into the world. Come Join :tada::partying_face:

Why should you participate in this hackathon?

  1. Obviously to have fun and to kickstart a project
  2. Collaboratively help one another to uncover vital questions to solve in order to build a sustainable project/product/organsation that is capable of getting funding afterwards
  3. Edgeryders community can offer
    • a good way to find people joining at the hackathon or project in the long-term
    • coaching on how to apply for NGI grants.
    • coaching on recognise their current needs, and give feedback to their proposals
    • connections and tips on how and where to get funded

How to take part in the Hackathon

  1. Create an edgeryders.eu account
  2. Tell us about your proposed project here.
  3. Look at the list below and pick one or more tasks that you can help with, and leave a comment here if there is a way for you to contribute. Very much appreciated! :pray:

Contribute to make a great hackathon

Edgeryders events are organised by and for the community.
What is not organised is not there, so see where you can help with from the list below.
If yes, just leave a comment below telling us what you will work on. Thanks a lot :pray:

  1. Location suitable for 40-60 people (6-10 teams á 4-5 people + organisers, visitors)
  2. Beamers, Microphone and speakers, stage
  3. Fast internet connection
  4. Ways to make the hackathon place cozy and immersive
    • Comfy couches, big sitting backs to sleep and just chill.
    • Tables to work at with electricity
  5. Help @BlackForestBoi to coordinate the process of requirements engineering, matchmaking skills and needs
  6. Person(s) to organise communication with teams, spread messages, organise calls and publishing of requests for the teams who seek support - @inge @anon82932460
  7. Moderator for the event
  8. Coaches:
    • Business Models & Product development, Open Source development
    • Person very familiar with NGI funding program
    • Person well connected with other funding networks/opportunities
  9. Someone taking care of the projects onboarding to Edgeryder community - @MariaEuler @johncoate
  10. Questionnaire to evaluate project status and needs in the pre-hackathon onboarding process

Organising Team

@BlackForestBoi @MariaEuler @inge @anon82932460 @nadia …and YOU!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an invitation/ticket to this workshop?

  1. Create an edgeryders.eu account
  2. Tell us about your proposed project here.
  3. Look at the list below and pick one or more tasks that you can help with, and leave a comment here if there is a way for you to contribute. Very much appreciated!

How is this event being organised?

This event, and the festival it is part of, is coordinated on the edgeryders platform (where you are now) and co-curated through a series of community video calls. We have allocated a collaboratively managed budget for the festival and operate on a solidarity basis. Participants who need some financial support to organise or be able to participate in the festival are eligible provided they contribute towards making it a meaningful and generative experience for all - in the run up to, during and/or after the event. If you would like to join us but are unsure as to how to contribute, don’t worry. Create an edgeryders account, then tell us a bit about yourself here and we will guide you along from there.

How is this all financed?

This event is part of the NGI Forward project Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825652 from 2019-2021. You can learn more about the initiative and our involvement in it at https://ngi.edgeryders.eu

Ngi logo

Eu emblem

Does getting involved mean I endorse the funders views or actions?

No. What you are doing is contributing to an open consultation on the topic of how to build a next generation of internet infrastructure, technologies, business models etc that promotes the wellbeing of humans and the natural environment. The consultation methodology is designed in such a way as to allow for diversity of views, premises, disciplines, themes and contexts. We employ open notebook science principles and the results will be presented in the form of a research report accessible to everyone after the event. You can follow the process, review the methodology and open source tech we are using and engage directly with the research and coordination team here: https://edgeryders.eu/c/ioh/workspace

What is the code of conduct?

It is important to us that everyone in the room feels welcomed and safe; if you have any particular concerns or needs just send me a PM here on the platform or write to nadia@edgeryders.eu .

The Edgeryders online platform technology and activities are intended for people to cooperate within and across projects trying to build a better world. The word “better” has here a fairly broad range of meaning. These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Edgeryders. Don’t forget that your use of Edgeryders is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

What happens with my data?

You can read about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here. Also:


I will be there! Love this. I can talk about and demo SenseStack - the Edgeryders stack of collective intelligence software.


Am a bit shy about it, but have an idea I would like to try building. Am not a developer, do UX though and have some experience building and managing a company :slight_smile:

How ready-to-go does it need to be for me to include it in the hackathon?

:tada: Great news! Looking forward to hear about your idea :slight_smile:

I thought about it today and I think it really does not need to be at a certain stage at all.
I mean the hackathon could also mean that you just do the designs, mock out everything and do user research with the people there.

Another use case for the hackathon could be that you are a facilitator and wanna use the time to write down the concept for a new format you wanna try out/commercialise. It should not even necessarily be limited to build code.

Hello @BlackForestBoi and @anon82932460,

here is the link to the files with the flyers for this event: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ChIZu_9jwqdzXdGixSqx-gDIq-jrs4Wi?usp=sharing

@BlackForestBoi I think this post needs to have some tags added in order for the https://festival.edgeryders.eu site to pick up the correct date. It is currently showing over there as “Date: TBC”.

Hai Callum :slight_smile:
Thanks for the heads up, added the tags. It now shows up as confirmed on the festival site.

Hallo! Iam putting together this repository of materials that we can use to post on the event page and our edgeryders as well as our individual social media channels - to give would be participants a sense of what we are exploring. As well as entry point to join various relevant discussions already happening in different parts of the platform. I am updating it continuously but I thought it is good to post what is there already and add so we can start already…

EdgeRyders Hackathon for ethical solutions to unethical technology problems.

150 word description of the event in the form of an invitation to join us adapted for email

  • Copywriter adds it here

A summary article, also not more than 150 -200 words combining the insights/overview and good quotes from theses sources:

3 quote banners: Visual Materials here.

3 Call-to-action Status updates: Visual Materials here.

  • Call to action + URL #1
  • Call to action + URL #2
  • Call to action + URL #3

Ping @hugi

Have updated the general registration form for the event @BlackForestBoi so that people can automagically create an edgeryders account and create a post from it on the platform using single signup

So if you want a simpler way to onboard people onto the platform & hackathon: https://register.edgeryders.eu/