Edgeryders goes to 32C3 (and you can come, too)

Provisional rooming list

So far:

  1. @Nadia
  2. @Alberto
  3. @Thomas_Goorden
  4. @kate_g ("I'd be happy to come, but feel free to give the place to a more bona fide Edgeryder")
  5. @mstn
  6. @Costantino
  7. @zoescope

Three to go.

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was fun last year, will join you this year too :slight_smile:

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Bring on the gluhwein and sausages,

I’m joining.

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Im in

I’m up for the last place :slight_smile:

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Look forward to joining you & up for creating in situ. As I’m new here  – I’m happy to give up my space if there’s a more longstanding Edgeryder who needs a bed :slight_smile:


Welcome on board!

That’s very generous of you Kate. I’m not coming, so I wanted to welcome you ahead. Nice to meet you and thanks for your Tedx talk, I picked it up from your website and just watched it. If you want to connect with fellow artists on Edgeryders working at the intersection of disciplines, you might want to get in touch with Helen Kaplinsky or Kat Austen, both of whom we met at last year’s Edgeryders event in Italy, before ccc. Last I heard they were working in the UK too.

Things to do at 32c3 when you’re not dead (yet)

Hello everyone,

So, I’ve been thinking a bit about what we could do once we get there. Based on the experiences from last year, it seems to me that:

  1. We should commit to "loose and fast". Since Edgeryders has an "in situ" culture, which simply clashes with the CCC way of planning sessions and workshops. On top of that, there might not even be a food-hacking base to latch onto. I propose that, instead of trying to force ourselves to pre-plan everything, we ask for an open space to run "in situ" stuff. Failing that, I would suggest we think of ways of organising activities in "unplanned" spaces. Think picnic in the hallway, mini-stage-performances/talks during the breaks, etc. Hacking the hackers, so to say. Yes, the Germans will probably flip their shit a bit, but if we're nice about it, we'll all survive, no?
  2. Communicating "where we do what" is a challenge both in-group as towards the rest of 32c3, especially if we commit to doing "ad hoc" activities. I'm thinking having only one channel where we keep all communication could be beneficial, so we can point everyone to the one and only "true source of truth". Not sure what would serve this role best though. Digital/non-digital? Our own or 32c3 (wiki) tools?
  3. Content-wise, I'm thinking of focusing on fun, process-oriented activities, rather than specific topics. I definitely had fun organising Agape meals and there's so much more like that. Joe Edelman (who ran one of the Agape tables) made a fantastic overview of ideas here: http://nxhx.org/societies/

    I know at least half a dozen other things we could do. We could organise “guided tours” to specific talks, with before/after workshops, etc etc.

Overall, I think bringing a heavy dose of humanity, combined with expertise in “spontaneous organisation” would be best suitable for being present as Edgeryders. Obviously this is not something I can do by myself, so the question is: anyone out there willing to truly commit to this? I think running one activity per day per Edgeryder is more or less the baseline for having some consistency.


Thanks for the Xmas gift. I am looking forward to joining you. Do you know where I can buy my own ticket for the event?

2 more places

Wow, I’m impressed by how many people is joining 32c3. Last year my participation was a last-minute choice, that maybe is still developing its effects!

So… I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend this year’s edition, but what I can guarantee is to support 2 more places at the hostel.

Because I’m sure that whoever will participate will be able to return to the community all of the amazing stuff available at 32c3, and more!

Very generous!

Thank you Massimo, this is really generous. So… I am reopening the rooming list!

count me in ?

hey if there r still places, then I would like to join.

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Welcome aboard, @Hazem, it will be wonderful to see you. Please see the latest info and updated rooming list here.

in situ

Thanks @Nadia - will connect with the UK folk - server error prevents me from dong it currently, but will try again. 

@Thomas_Goorden - Fun, process-oriented activities & spontaneous organisation - yes! Happy to commit energy to this. I’ve never been to the meeting before so it’s hard to know what’s needed. Will follow discussions online over next weeks & do some research. Want to make time to listen - I’m up for a useful flow between listening / learning / creatively responding.

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ping Thomas

@Thomas_Goorden you prob missed Kate’s comment for you above

Tickets available!

Hey everyone,

In case you haven’t noticed, tickets just came up for sale. They typically go pretty fast.


Pinging: @Nadia @Alberto @kate_g @mstn @Costantino @zoescope @Hazem @msanti @KiraVde @Darren @Dorotea

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Just booked a standard one.

Anyone travelling from Italy to Hamburg?

Hi all, I am buying my train tickets to Hamburg. I am planning to take a train on December 26 in the evening and to arrive at destination the day after. Does anyone want to join me? Do you know if there are better options?


Ping @msanti smiley

Actually, the hostel has asked for a list of who arrives when. I’ll put up a wiki.

My planning

Hi, sorry for my late reply… I’m thinking to book a plane from Bologna to arrive the day before (26th). Thanks @mstn for your proposal.

crossing fingers

Hello there! Long time no see :slight_smile:

Lucie from Wikidata and myself are still looking for a place to stay during 32c3, any chance we could benefit from this generous offer? If there is just one place, I don’t mind sleeping on the floor.

In any case, see you there!!