32C3 major update and rooming list as of 2015-11-10

Many important news for those Edgeryders going to 32C3.

  1. @msanti (thanks!) has decided to support hostel accommodation for two more people, bringing the provisional total of Edgeryders at 32C3 to 12. In reality, there will probably be a couple of people from the community who will attend the event, but not stay at Generator. 
  2. The theme has been announced: Gated communities. "It is 2015. A large part of the population has withdrawn to heavily guarded islands of comfort."
  3. The wiki is up. I created an Edgeryders asssembly page to let orga know we are going: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2015/wiki/Assembly:Edgeryders
  4. Tickets are not yet available. Prices also not announced. Last year, tickets cost 100 EUR. 
  5. For people traveling overland, Deutsche Bahn offers a special deal on trains from anywhere in Germany. Check out the rail travel page, there are other cheap options available. 

What should we do?

The assembly is thought as a meeting point – it’s easy to feel lost as you wander the Hamburg Congress Center, 31C3 had 10,000 people! But of course we could do something together. I’d be up for some social network hacking, maybe even using Edgeryders data (something along the lines of Masters of Networks, but simpler and more relaxed). This would work really well, especially if my brothers-in-arms @melancon or @brenoust were to show up. @danohu and @Nadia dreamed up a sort of performance-medical experiment on placebo which looked interesting and fun, not sure if they plan to follow up on it.

Any other ideas? @Thomas_Goorden has made some proposals here.

Rooming list

In Generator Hostel:

  1. @Thomas_Goorden
  2. @mstn
  3. @Costantino
  4. @zoescope
  5. @kate_g
  6. @Dorotea
  7. @KiraVde
  8. @Darren
  9. @Nadia
  10. @Alberto
  11. @Hazem
  12. available

Own accommodation:

  1. @Caroline_Paulick-Thiel
  2. @Lakomaa (is this correct, Erik?)

Not sure:

  1. @msanti
  2. @markomanka

Glad that you found the C3 worth returning to a second year ! I have my hotel reservations already but I’m sure we’ll see each other there.

not even a placebo

I’m afraid I’m too time-constrained to commit to the placebo-as-performance-art thing. [I’m also not 100% sure I’ll even be at the congress, though it is more likely than not]

lightning talks

I’d recommend proposing some lightning talks. These are a good way to get an idea out in front of a pretty large audience.

Note that:

  1. you’ll need to claim a slot well in advance of the event

  2. it’s a hacker event, so plan accordingly (i.e. showing off something cool we did/are doing, rather than a general introduction to a group or project)


Joining accommodation

After talking with @alberto and having met some of you at last year C3, I will be happy to place myself at the still vacant bed and share the stay with the Edgeryders community :slight_smile:

As for the congress, “booking” a table might also be interesting, to have a come-together point. Especially since apparently there will be no cooking at the food hacking base anymore :frowning:

Cant come now :frowning:

Unfortunately I am unable to come now, so again there is a space free.

It would have been great to finally meet up @gandhiano - it was me that wrote the bit about using gpl etc. for seeds a couple of years ago…

Hope you all have a good congress.


Wow, sorry about that @Darren, I was looking forward to catching up.

@gandhiano: welcome! And yes, we have created an Assembly and requested space for it. Writing an update just now.

What a pity

Hi @darren, yes I know you where that guy and was really happy to see you on the list and have the opportunity to finally meet after so many years and virtual intersections here and there. Well, certainly another opportunity to meet will appear.

@alberto, afaik the lightning talks have to be proposed/added on the wiki directly, usually before the conference.


Checking in

Ah, just seen this thread.

In a blizzard of work at moment towards re-designing a creative project running through the duration of the COP21 in Paris. Happy to give a lightning talk on it. Will post up a wiki link (when I’ve created it.)

Happy also to evolve things in situ with you all in Hamburg. Looking forward to this. 


Thanks @kate_g. Also see my newest update – it just went up.