Edgeryders is hiring: Growth Hacker/Marketer, Part time over 2 years, 36,000€


About the work

Edgeryders is a company living in symbiosis with an online community of individuals from different walks of life who wish to make a positive difference. Hackers, activists, radical thinkers, doers and just regular folk. We believe that a smart community outperforms any of its members; this is the result of people working together, improving on each other’s work.

We are on a journey to help one another find the right ways to navigate the changes that are happening in different parts of the world.

  • How are we building good lives against a backdrop of massive social, economic, political challenges?

  • How are we creating opportunities for ourselves and where can we support one another better? In work, health, family, community life.

  • How can we build the evolution of the Internet and our digital technologies so that they support these efforts?

To support this work, we are hiring freelance online marketer to collaborate with us on a number of projects for circa two years, starting May 2019, on a part-time basis (approx 20% of your time or about 8 hrs/week).

They include a project focused on developing a more human-centric Internet, a project exploring how we can improve wellbeing for all in Europe as well as a festival which takes place both online and offline in a number of cities.

About the role

An important part of our work is reaching out to a diverse range people who have aligned interests, and engage them to get involved in our various activities.

They tend to be smart, dedicated and daring. People running Helliniko Metropolitan Community Clinic, dispensing free health care to the many Greeks who, having lost their job, also lost their access to public health care. The Urban Shepherd of Stockholm, inducing their neighborhood to come together by re-introducing husbandry to urban environments. The unsung heroes running the Cytostatic Network to provide cancer patients with life-saving drugs unavailable in Romania. Activists in the OpenInsulin project, contributing code or schematics to open source insulin production, freeing up the lives of Type 1 diabetes patients. Others are simply trying to manage their lives under difficult socioeconomic, political or environmental conditions and are looking for peers with whom to make sense of how to improve living conditions for themselves and their loved ones. We have hundreds of these stories, and we are sure there are thousands more out there.

We want them to find their way to our community. To share their own stories so we can get to know them, participate in our activities and make use of the opportunities we create to support one anothers’ work and struggles.

The Growth hacker/marketer will:

  • Be responsible for driving (the right kind) of traffic to the stories, calls for participation, event invitations, and other materials published on the edgeryders.eu platform.
  • manage our social media presence and ensure that our outward communication activities result in our meeting the set targets for each story or call for participation on our online platform, as well as each Social Media Status update.
  • set up the analytics infrastructure and introduce the team to using it
  • purchase and oversee copywriting and translation services to optimise performance of communication content on the platform and for social media.
  • coordinate tightly with the community management team and outreach events coordinators via the Edgeryders online platform and the biweekly team calls.
  • Take responsibility for informing themselves about project updates from the other team members and ensure our online presence highlights them.
  • Embrace our work culture.

The Team supporting your work

  • Engagement and outreach director
  • Community management team managers
  • Outreach events coordinators

Engagement and outreach director

  • Supports and supervises your work
  • Onboards you onto the platform, routines, the tools, key content etc - basically resources available to help you meet your targets
  • Connects you with key people within and around the organisation
  • Makes decisions about resource allocation
  • Acts as content production and delivery support where needed

Community Managers:

  • Produce the placeholders for all the pages to be pushed out and ensure the list of URLs to them are fully functional and that their contents are accurate and up to date.
  • Are responsible for ensuring you are kept up to date on any changes of content on those pages. Changes will be announced on our online workspace- it is your responsibility to stay up to date by checking in to the online workspaces at a minimum once a day and confirm you have seen updates.
  • Ensure all links, buttons etc required to meet conversion targets are present and work.
  • Participate in events and ensure they result in participants learning of how to produce stories and comments on platform
  • Monitor all signups, onboard them and help them to produce posts and comments
  • Produce weekly “best of” list containing key/high quality posts and comments
  • Produce list of things for growth hacking team to push out on social media on a weekly basis

Outreach Events coordinators:

  • Select, together with the Engagement and Outreach Manager, target groups amongst whom we are aiming to drive participation in outreach events
  • Coordinate all activities related to successful delivery of our outreach events including smaller local events as well as the larger gathering
  • Produce all skeleton texts for event pages, invitations to drive signups to the platform and submission of comments and posts from event participants before and during the events.


  • Total budget for your time to meet the targets we set together is 36,000 Eur
  • Additional budget for copywriting, graphic design, translation in different languages, third party services etc. is 10,000 Eur

Some other stuff you should know:

Our Working Culture/processes

  • We communicate asynchronously in writing on our online platform which is stewarded by a team of experienced community managers to ensure that it is welcoming to all, safe, respectful and friendly.
  • The four founders of the organisation are a diverse bunch in terms of gender, ethnicity, geography, lifestyles, education and politics. The online platform is our own home on the internet and day to day working environment.
  • Our culture skews towards evidence based discussion and critical thinking. We place a high value on concise, well structured communication.
  • The company directors are there to help you do your best work and try to keep a hands off approach except when for it comes to money and the legal stuff.

How to apply:

Our recruitment process is simple. We want to see what you can achieve with a 100 Euro advertising budget and less than 3 hours of work spread over a week’s time.

  1. Create an account on edgeryders.eu and introduce yourself in “reply” to this post.
  2. We will give you a url to a post which we ask you to read carefully.
  3. Make sure you understand the target group and what is considered a conversion for that URL.
  4. Create a complete strategy (funnel) pointing to the URL. You have a budget of maximum 50 € for advertising to spend- we will give you access to our social media accounts and pre-charge them with the budget for you
  5. When you are done, leave another comment below with a summary of what you did, the number of visits and % conversion.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you need answered to complete the steps above - we are here to help you do your best. Just post them in a comment below, we usually answer within a day or so.

Virtual Café 17 April at 18:00 CEST: Sprinting to map online channels for outreach

Hi there! I am Ioana Maria Tomescu, I work in advertising and act like a brand grower. I know my digital comm ways and enjoy experimenting with formats and platforms. Results oriented. Creative solution oriented. Open-minded. In my 30s, living in Romania.


Hi @tom_ioana, I am Noemi, leading community management efforts in one of the projects. Also Romanian, based in Brussels. Thanks for getting in touch! I am going to write to you a private message with the url + next instructions and take it from there,

Wishing you lots of good moods and inspiration, as Edgeryders can surprise you in many good ways <3


Hi @noemi . Is this opportunity opened for people living beyond Europe? I would like to know if I can give it a try :slight_smile:


Hei @anu, it is open for non-Europeans. It would be probably more challenging as social media needs to work for Europe time zones but other than that you’re welcome to put yourself forward for the position.