Edgeryders joins Foodlab Paris: one free annual membership offered

VOLUMES - Foodlab Crowdfunding from Claudio Cavallari on Vimeo.

Francesco @immaginoteca Cingolani, the mastermind behind LOTE3’s unforgettable Pasta Party, has recently launched Volumes Foodlab, a coworking space-cum-serious-kitchen in Paris’s 19th arrondissement. To get the necessary seed funding, he launched a crowdfunding campaign, to which I, with many others, had the pleasure to contribute. Happily, the campaign was successful, so you can look forward to Foodlab’s takeoff.

As a donor, I have a right to an annual membership. Since I don’t live in Paris, I would be happy to donate it to some Edgeryders that either lives in Paris or visits often enough to be able to use some coworking space. Francesco says that’s all right, so… if you are that person, come forward and claim your membership!

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Let;s see how many are we, but in case - I live in Paris :slight_smile:

This looks great, congratulations Francesco!

@Bezdomny, have a look at this!

It looks like you’ve got it

Well, @Natalia_Skoczylas, the place is yours if you want it. @immaginoteca is already aware that one edgeryder would claim the membership.