Pasta party

Hello edgeryders!

I had a dream…

and the dream was to create a massive “pasta therapy” in Matera. A big event in which everybody makes pasta (women, men and children) and then we eat all together.

Why create such en event during the Unmonastery festival?

Social eating helps people interacting and creating bonds. It’s something intimate and go beyond any language limit.Cooking together makes the experience even richer and offers the opportunity to share with others.

It’s a perfect meeting day for materani and edgeryders!

Why cooking pasta?

Hard wheat is one of the typical product of southern Italy and therefore of Basicalata.

Making pasta is a real creative and creating process made by very simple and poor ingredients, water and flour and nevertheless it is delicious.

Making pasta doesn’t necessarily demand particular abilities, but it surely requires time and to be motivated. It can be done by young or seniors and middle-age people. It is an activity that takes place around a table and thus stimulates conversation and “gossip”.

How does it work?

A community of people interested in participating decides the recipe that will be realized, for instance typical dishes from Matera, like “lagane con i ceci”, or “tagliatelle con cicerchie”, or typical pasta shapes like orecchiette, cavatelli,cazzatelli or maccheronatelli.


Like any Italian city Matera hosts all along the year local festivals (sagre) with street food around one seasonal product or dish, for instance wine at the beginning of October. Those festivals are organised by local associations that provide equipment : tables, benches, cookers and cooking stuff, and a great number of volunteers.

The aims of these associations is usually to animate the local community and they will be probably interested in doing the same in the occasion of the unmonastery festival.

Ingredients like flour and vegetable can be furnished by local enterprises that will have visibility in exchange of a very low investment.

All the necessary equipment to make pasta ( a wood working plan, rolling pins and knives if needed) can be found in every Italian house and will be furnish by the community of people themselves.

What is needed

Volunteers to manage logistics, to animate and coordinate the stuff of people doing pasta, cooking, serving at table, washing dishes.

Looking forward to…


I’m in!

Great reading you, Valentina!

What a wonderful idea, couldn’t think of something funnier and more educational, all at the same time :) I volunteer for dish washing and helping serve people.

Do you think we should do this at the conference location in the unMonastery or should we find a place that’s better equipped with the furniture you mention its usually used in festivals?

One more thing: we are currently 60 people who are coming or will be in Matera for the event, and still counting! How many is too many to feed ? :smiley:


Valentina, this is a GREAT idea… that requires organization although it seems quite simple, mostly because of the large number of people. On the mt2019 community, Ida proposed a really cool idea: in the last comments, Anna Selvaggi, writes about her project on women and food. She is the president of the Donne Europee association, and is really into food and helping out with this kind of initiatives. So she is definetely a resource. The thing that I am asking myself is more about the place, the kitchen and the material. Because for the rest it’s only flour ‘n’ good vibes :slight_smile: Also, could this be the party we were thinking of on the last day?

Noemi, we really have to start organizing the matchmaking, here :slight_smile: I’m back on track, so let’s go for it.

Don’t think about the numbers!

GREAT idea, [valentinabrogna]. I’ll help too, if I can.

One bit of advice: don’t think too much about the numbers now. I assume some of the people who are registered now will not show up; on the other and, many more will register in the future. Also, the unMonastery is not that big, and at some point we might even be forced to have a limit on the number of unPilgrims.

So, for now let’s focus on engineering this. Start with a small-ish number, like 25 or 30: what is needed to make the pasta party for that many people? Then maybe we can scale the whole thing, adding “units” that will serve 25-30 people each.

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WHAT WE HAVE - what we do

I think we have to start making plan according to the resources available. How big is the place we have? Could it be outside ? If so, how can we get in contact with the local “Pro Loco” to know if they can eventually provide the whole equipement?

If the person who will make hand made pasta is not an experienced one, (that is highly desirable) he can provide two pasta dishes at maximum. But first of all my idea was that a great number of people makes psta together, materani and hedgeryders, women, men and children.

I think we should talk about it. At what time is the friday meeting? I wil be available starting from 19.45

Regardind Ida’s idea, I think we can put the two together and realise one unique final event.

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What about lucan cooks?

Hy everybody, I find it all really amazing! I was thinking that, maybe, we could ask Lucan cooks Association help to make pasta: it’s not only because they are professionals (and surely faster than I can be in making pasta ;-)) but it could be a good way to make more people involved in LOTE.

In addition, I can try to ask to the President of Coldirettii to help us: great visibility for them, high quality products for us.

One last thought about flour: don’t you think it would be nicer if everyone brings a little? Metaphorically pasta would became a common result starting from different preconditions just like the aim of LOTE experience.

Of course I’ll make pasta with you, like granny taught me! Ciao


This seems to be going well :slight_smile:

[Rita Orlando], thank you for this generous offer! Go right ahead, talk to the people you have in mind, see if anyone is interested in helping out. Maybe [valentinabrogna], yourself and maybe [Ida Leone] could take leadership for this? We’ll help as best we can. There is supposed to be a ktichen at the unMonastery, but probably not large enough for what you have in mind… [andrea.paoletti] and [antonioelettrico] know more about this.

Lucan Cooks + AIDE Associazione Indipendente delle Donne + IDA

The aim is to involve the greatest number of people and especially materani community.

Concerning the kitchen it doesn’t need to be very big. Pasta is something you make around a table, so even outside the kitchen. We need a lot of tables and space (according to the number of participants).

I think it would be important to have people who are not professional and have never made pasta. It could become an opportunity for learning, to stimulate people to approach manual activities ( disregarding sex or age) and most of all to have an active attitude, instead of a passive one. Basically this is why I teach people to make pasta in my life.

I also understand that we have “space” and equipment limits, so it coul also turn out to be a great dinner with good food, where only 15 people make past for 100.

To organise the pasta party I am available on September. When can we talk about it and how we’re gonna proceed? I miss lot of info that only local people can give me.

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[Noemi], what do you think? Can anyone help [valentinabrogna], [Rita Orlando] and hopefully [Ida Leone] to coordinate? Who would that be?


I suggest we set up a google hangout announced in a timely fashion so everyone involved can join, at a date of your preference Valentina. What do you think?

First, when in September and what time? Let us know when you have this information. We can set an event page here on Edgeryders and  invite everyone contributing to this thread, as well as other Materani who are in touch through email and just waiting for an opportunity, since English speaking communities are not their forte. The only thing to do is make sure [andrea.paoletti] or someone who knows the space is joining the hangout to bring us down to earth when we’ll want to take over the entire space :slight_smile:

Cc this should be of specific interest to [pacheca]. Rita you’re volunteering for venue, no? This is an opportunity to take a leading role in organising Lote, plus it’s easier for you since my Italian is not so great. Of course I’ll be in close touch with people’s contacts so you can reach everyone. What do you think?

OK, count me in!

Hello Yummy Livingroom! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great oportunity, Yes! :wink:

Well, let’s see:

  • I have never organized, done or managed any kind of event, but I’m willing to do it, so you now I’m level 1 amateur! :wink:

  • "Io no parlo Italiano, péro vorrei imparare!" it is really the only phrase I can verbally articulate, and this is exactly because I do want to learn! (actually I never had any Italian classes, but curiously had a few classes of Romanian, @noemi! :wink: )

    If I can organize it in english – grouping with: @valentinabrogna from September, right? and someone who deals with the italian when crucial… + @ritao?

    Anyway, I will certainly make a real effort to learn italian, I love learning languages!

Note. As @valentinabrogna said there is a lot of local info needed, which suggests counting on someone from Matera, for linking all the organization from within, again @ritao are you a possibility?

Ok, stepping on the process might be:

  1. Setting an Event page on Edgeryders, and inviting every one contributing for this thread:

    Topics for discussion already launched: Which day do you prefer. Is it the last day, as proposed by @noemi a OK day?

  2. Every one brings flour, as proposed by @ritao. Maybe, as flour is sold in 1 kg packages, people can join in little groups. (3 person per kilo? or 4? – 250 gr per person, is it enough?)

  3. Joining professional ones (or experienced) with the first doers for the execution, as proposed by @valentinabrogna.

    Probably experienced people could “raise their hands” for awareness of how many are there? allowing us to recognize the existent proportion to unexperienced ones.

    I imagine that the idea, @valentinabrogna, is grouping for learning and doing on site, right? (Something like, 1doerPRO to 6 doersAM ?)

Do you think it is a good idea including the local younger community members, like teens, to also participate in the organization, if any is interested? (for instance, to animate people doing pasta, as refered by @valentinabrogna before.)

Should we launch a local invitation? Does anyone have any ideia on where to find them, @ilariadauria? :slight_smile: (I don´t know, do you think this is well thought?…)

@valentinabrogna sets a date for a GoogleHangout in September.

Any more note or idea?

Allright, If it is ok with everyone, I will start doing (and learning) the event page, right?

My mistake :slight_smile:

So sorry Rita, I actually thought you are Italian!  but hey, looking forward to talk to you in Romanian.

Let’s first hear from Valentina (you pinged her so many times in your comment i’m sure it’s impossible for her to miss it :slight_smile: fyi i think 1 mention per message would do, or that’s how i do it at least) and if everyone agrees, then I can help you set up the event page with very tentative information since for the rest of it we’ll have to agree in the actual hangout…

better someone that speaks italian?

Ups… :- )!

yes, I didn’t remember that it sends an e-mail,

every time we refer someone… got it!

No problem, I’m portuguese, from Lisbon. :- )

Ok, so if someone that speaks italian would like to step in, I do believe it’s more “handy for the job”.

In the meantime, until an italian speaker comes along, we can do the event page to push things up, what do you think?


Hello everybody. We could do a first hangout the 26/27 of August or the 2/3 of September, at about 7 p. m. We can make a doodle to select a date. I am Italian, so I can help in translating.

To sum up, there shoud be

Noemi, Rita, Ida, Pacheca, Anna Selvaggi (AIDE) and…hopefully someone who knows the place, like Andea Paoletti or Antonio elettrico, as suggested by Alberto.

Tomorrow morning I will right and send an e-mail (in Italian and English) to everybody and a doodle (if I remember how to do. If I don’t : can anyone help me? I’m not very IT)

Have a nice day and talk to you soon. Very happy we’re gonna make it!

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[valentinabrogna], here you have a doodle Pasta party 1st hangout with the information you’ve refered!

Please, try it out to see if it’s this what you wanted! ;- )

(easily adjustable if there are other dates “on the table”)

(obviously) I am in :wink:

Forgot to write that I will help Valentina and all of you managing the event during LOTE.

In october we are also doing INTRAVERSO (a 3-4 weeks slow-trip around Italy to meet Italian innovators) and we will do as much as possible to bring people from Italy to Matera at the end of the month (more info soon).

Actually, we develop together Farine Zero Zero (the pasta project) and I am already discussing the organization with Valentina. 

I think Matera is full of people (especially grand-mothers?) who have a big knowledge of making handmade pasta.

It would be great to have a connection with one of them or someone from her family.

If you have any idea…



hi guys! I’m in, I live in Matera and I’m an Italian (Noemi, you were right) speaking a good english so you can trust on me!!! In addition, I’m an architect and a Mimers too so no matter about the space, I’ll keep in touch with AntonioElettrico and we’ll try to find the best solution for pasta party. See you soon!

Italians temporarily offline

Bear in mind that most of the Matera people relevant to this thread might be a little slow to respond for another two weeks. Ida is on holiday; Ilaria in working like crazy on the MT2019 application. If you need ground support to proceed, I suggest you wait until the first week of September.


This is the email I sent to Ida, and Iam gonna sent to the others. Thank you Pacheca for the doodle. Alberto says it would be better the 2/3 September to have more materani. Anyway this hangout will be the one of a serie.

Buongiorno materani e edgeryders,

Come tutti sapete dal 29 ottobre al 3 novembre a Matera ci sarà “LIVING ON THE EDGE” a Unmonastery, una sorta di festival per inaugurare unmonstarery, 

un nuovo tipo di spazio sociale, simile a quegli spazi di condivisione collaborativa di ambienti abitatitivi o professionali, utile alle comunità locali di villaggi o cittadine perché facilita il processo di co-creazione e di apprendimento reciproco tra la comunità e gli unMonasterians”.

Visto che si tratta di un progetto molto aperto ho apertamente proposto un’iniziativa e con il sostegno e l’aiuto vostro e della comunità locale potrà realizzarsi.

L’idea è di organizzare un enorme PASTA PARTY, cioè una mattina o un pomeriggio in cui i partecipanti fanno la pasta (senza distinzione di genere o di età), eppoi la si mangia tutti insieme. L’idea è che i veterani aiutino gli aspiranti pastai nella realizzazione di un piatto 100% lucano, dagli ingredienti alla ricetta.

Per poter definire la dinamica dell’evento e gli aspetti logistici proponiamo di organizzare un incontro  video-chat. Vi prego quindi, se siete interessati, di compilare il questo  doodle, scegliendo la preferenza per il giorno e l’ora, in modo che verrà selezionatà data piu’ gettonata.

Se ricevete questa mail è perchè qualcuno vi ha citato come possibile organizzatore.

Buona giornata a tutti e a presto!


Goof morning materani and edgeryders,

A you know from the 29th of October to the 3rd of November In Matera will take place “Living un the Edge” at Unmonastery.

The event being open to all kind of porposals I made my own one and hope to make it effective with the help of edgeryders and the community of Matera.

My idea was to organise a huge PASTA PARTY, that means making pasta all together (no matter sex or age) and later on eat it all together. Experienced people would help the less experienced ones in cooking a 100% “matera” tipical recipe.

To set up and organise the event some people suggested to make an hangout. So please, if you are interested fill in the doodle and we’ll have a date.

If you receive this e-mail is because someone suggested you as a potential organiser.

Have a nice day and talk to you soon!


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google event - hangout today, monday 2/08 at 7 pm

Sorry for the delay,

The hangout for today at 7 pm is confirmed.

Pacheca , Dorotea Mar , Ida, I hope you will be at the event!!!

Me and Immaginoteca will be!