Edgeryder's post to buzz :) [Celebrating the Future] [from now on - till the event Aug 5th]

Hi guys,

here is the Edgeryder’s post to buzz, like and share :slight_smile:


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Edgeryders founder Nadia EL-Imam is speaking at Celebrating the Future - Empowering youth in Oslo Aug 5th. She will be talking about this /t/unmonastery/315/unmonastery-in-egypt , and other Edgeryders initiatives during the keynote in Oslo. Please feel free to sign up and get involved in the conversation!

Join the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/476151112471477


Edgeryders founder Nadia EL-Imam is speaking at Celebrating the Future - Empowering youth in Oslo Aug 5th http://goo.gl/zBFzG #celebratingthefuture

Guess who’s in Oslo August 5th #CelebratingtheFuture? Edgeryders founder @ladyniasan is doing a keynote, livestream will be available! http://goo.gl/zBFzG


Thanks :slight_smile:


Uh… Facebook?

I don’t mean to criticize (in fact I already shared the post), but are we sure we want to spread out Facebook links? Would it not be better to draw traffic to our own website, trying to drive signup and the community’s growth?

yes, but :slight_smile:

you are right, normally we should drive trattic to the edgeryders site, this time i gave two links (the event and the edgeryders article), but the point was to invite people to the event so it’s much more easy if they can just click on the “join” button :slight_smile:

then the event, once they join, will drive traffic as well :slight_smile:

actually you can just switch the links (put the edgeryders article first) and the preview will be of the edgeryders website, if you prefer this way, you choose :slight_smile:

Unique link that can be spread across diverse channels?

I can understand the rationale of growing our facebook page in terms of engagement, the problem that I see is that people are using different platforms for social share, so unless they’re on facebook they won’t be able to see your post.  For example [rysiek] in our social media team is not even a facebook user, he’s only using free and open source platforms. Btw Michal, curious how you’d like to receive these updates for social shares. I saw on your profile you also volunteered for social media outreach ahead of Lote.

Dorotea, how about if, taking this example, you would only post link to the facebook event (the content we want to be spread anyway) and people can share that depending on the social media channels they use? for example if I’m on twitter I can tweet the link without having to go to the Edgeryders page post.

and then we can think of strategies to build up our fb page, like pinging other people in the comments there asking them to share if it’s something related to their work?

Good point, we should prepare different (in length) posts for facebook and twitter, I can be putting both versions (long and short) in the tasks (people can write their own) plus the link to share (short for the tweets), for the next content to push

Also, how about we title the task

with the date when it’s posted so it’s easier to keep track?

ex: “Push July 25th” or “Lote news July 26th” or “Team pls share this - July 27th”

good idea