Edgeryders Seeks to Hire Part-Time Community Managers for a 3 Year Project (call closed)



Hi John – maybe with good team work we wouldn’t need a bigger team…


Ok thought internet would be this brain freezing computer but yeah definitely using it as a tool to enhance human behaviour love it ! so yeah I’m interested love you all


Jason, what languages do you know?


Hello, again! Here additionally is my LinkedIn profile (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachelaronoff/), which is not so ‘academic’ as my cv may seem… Please also note the recommendation in LinkedIn from the head of the start-up SwissDeCode, Gianpaolo Rando, for which I am a sometime consultant, who can also attest to my abilities in the online community of the Hackuarium Slack. My main extra point in writing again now, is that I have really been focused on the public domain, not up in those old ivory towers, for more than a decade (even though I do like to keep up, going to seminars at the local universities, EPFL and UNIL, and even was invited to give a talk on ‘open science’ for the EPFL ‘Life Science Retreat’ this year).
Really hoping to join in for this NGI adventure @johncoate !


Hi John,

I speak and read basic French and some Spanish.

I can brush up on both.




Hi @johncoate - At Sourcefabric, I was in charge of community building around our open source software. The community consisted of journalists, NGOs, and activists from all over the world. We didn’t have a unique community on a Forum like Edgeryders, but I was involved in replying on Zendesk to user requests (both support-related and suggestions). I learned a lot from this experience, especially in terms of using online communication (in writing) to express delicate concepts and be at the service of the needs of the community.

In my current position, I’m moderating the specific data journalism communities (on Slack mostly). I’m also involved in the promotion of data journalism within Hostwriter’s community (fostering cooperation across boarders for journalists).

The interaction between technology and society has always been of interest for me! People in my networks include staff or friends who work/volunteer at Mozilla, Open Knowledge (School of Data), Global Voices, Privacy International amongst others.


I can only agree with you! In my experience working in community engagement, complementarity of skillsets can truly change the dynamics of the team for the better. It’s a bit like hiring for a band, you need to make it work as a whole beyond individual talents for the instrument they play best.


Dear Edgeryders, dear @johncoate and thank you @hugi for the initial connection.

Inspiring to read about your profiles and motivations. Thank you for these “open applications”, I feel I really thrive in such cultures of transparency and daring debates ! I see the point in @asimong 's argument about the dividing expertise in well-matched complementary teams within same language communities. I also understand the opposite approach for the sake of simplification.
Luckily I feel suited for the community manager role no matter which direction the process will take…

I am Polish, in the past years based in Copenhagen and fluent in Polish, English and Danish.

Let me polish my final answers to the good questions you posed and share my application with you later tonight. Hope you’ll wait for me :wink:


Ok Maybe sounds like I need to improve my description.
The topic mentioned is definitely interesting as make internet a more social face. Is like using a great tool to reach a great purpose.
Being trained as a designer, the reach of a goal and understanding the need of the users is deeply ingrained in the daily understanding of things as well as the iteration.
The empathy and patience needed to cultivate and grow a discussion is just something natural that i developed with soft skill training such as questiology (the at of asking question), breathing, yoga practice and in fact just non judgemental curiosity lead me to understand things beyond preconception and premade opinions of what s good or bad. Just need to understand first.
So yeah motivation is to meet other people to make internet a great tool, and be working with a great community to learn and exchange in order to develop the bigger goal of the ngi is just amazing.
So thanks for this opportunity
I speak
French, English plus italian and dutch as well as currently learning german
The experience close to the ngi is more an non internet project connecting people from different professional background to share their opinion on a single project. The event name is Brunchstorming and used to be hosted once a month around coffee and croissant.
It has been stopped due to changing countries and might be restarting anytime soon.

and for a cv


Hello again Edgeryders and John,

I am now ready to share my application with you and I need to say I’ve been craving for such an open format, thank you!

I am Polish and fluent in Polish, English and Danish.

My greatest assets for the Community Manager role is – except double university background in Sociology and IT – my deep interest in internet and rich experiences gained from actively belonging to really various communities:
academic (art/culture, sociology, IT), authentic relating/spiritual, sustainability research, tantra and conscious sexuality, art & new education.

They equipped me with empathy, deeper understanding of human behaviour, qualitative methods and ability to speak with people from different areas of global society.

I have also been part of online communities since 2003 in all involvement levels from passive observer to “lurker” to engaged super-user and moderator of posts on sites & event pages (Facebook).

Feedback I received for posting and moderating was repeatedly confirming that I am knowledgeable, trustworthy and inspiring.

Examples :

*I was part of initiating and building Authentic Relating Festival and community, designed 3 workshops there and moderated facebook group.

*Club de la Faye (performance and research group): similar contributions: coordinating, online administrating, performing, inspiring

*I worked as internal-external communicator for IBIS with ’ ‘I am Yasuni’ campaign (NGO). I was online group administrator and responsible for our tumblr-based platform http://jegeryasuni-blog.tumblr.com/

What I’ve worked with

  • I create face-to-face workshops – everytime exploring new important topic for culture and individual – that are continuing in the virtual world in form of stories, images and interviews (blog and Facebook).
    Experienced in various group dynamics and authentic relating strategies with integrated focus on “walking my talk” made me into good inspirator and conflict mediator.

  • I’ve been collaborating with Sisters Academy projects for 4 years on art&education

  • I studied also IT and was involved in projects in IT/web companies, also as a web test manager. I have hands-on experience with infrastructures and technologies behind web: servers, secure encryptions, networking, big data, apps, web services, etc. I can speak this language. But most of all I can translate between IT and human-centric !

My motivation lies in…

Here is my deep motivation for being here: skills matching passion and , of course, that powerful element of “the unknown” :slight_smile: : human stories as a source of knowledge, data and future strategies. That’s where I thrive.

  • I have a unique profile and I want to use it! I have long been searching for a meaningful opportunity that combines web technologies, interdisciplinary research and experience- & process-design. Additional 8-15 hours/week will create a perfect balance for my work life.

  • I am a child of digital revolution, I mean I was crawling when internet was crawling. From personal world with no phones or computers to getting my first gigantic stationary computer in the 90ies, to the Cluetrain Manifesto (1999) to new millenium of www and global communities, then privacy concerns (GDPR {= Polish RODO} - and VPNs), to AI, IoT, now finally (Internet of People and NGI… It will be an honor to conribute to NGI Forward as manager of the online movement!

  • Looking back, I spent the last 10 years building and developing those “communities of tomorrow”***(I list them for you in the end). Despite their various interests, what I found common in them was skill sets and drive to together explore how to live and collaborate, paving new ways. And then take it further: sharing knowledge, including and inspiring others.

These communities have actually been the living examples of NGI’s values on many levels:

Burning Man/Borderland principles have been debated and applied in the last 9 years: radical inclusion, leave no trace, self-expression, etc.

Tantra community practices transparency and experimenting with new ways of love relationships and family values.

My performance/research group and Sisters Academy manifest new ways of sensous learning that involves the whole body&mind while digging important, controversial questions.

Human Library works with honest dialogue based on exchange with the aim of going against stereotypes in the society

All of these communities underline the importance of collaboration and protection of life, privacy and healthy self-expression in interactions with others. New leader profiles.

That was also the story I wanted to share with you. My personal and collective experiences related to the NGI mission

My network is rich, international and composed of entrepreneurs, IT people, tantra- and sailing-explorers, artists, educators, researchers and politicians.

What interests me

I am interested in observing and shaping new paradigms for sustainable ways of living and collaborating with each other through differences that are being turned to common assets.

The focus of my Sociology Master thesis was knowledge- and identity-creation through interaction in communities – both real and “fictive”(gamified).

The focus on my IT thesis was (system) integration.
That’s also where, I believe, real values and answers lie: in elements connected. Not one system, not one community, but network of these.

{ At last, as promised, some of communities I’ve shaped, activated and developed, for years following their dreams, conflicts and new directions. I see that everything that happens out there in the world gets mirrored on the internet. And vice versa. I am really interested in that layer of human interactions and I have a solid background for such cross-disciplinary task.:

The New Tantra

Authentic Denmark Forum

Tinkuy/New Circle Movement

Club de la Faye

Sisters Academy

Human Library

Borderland (our local crazily-growing Burning Man) }

Here is my virtual cv:
https://elementsconnected.com/ iwona_rejmus-cv /

I know that research on human-centric future of internet will add an important dimension (technical, visionary, collaborative) to my existing work on “interacting individual”. And my existing work (through workshops, interdisciplinary events, social media, performance art and massage) will enrich the online community and the project goals. So I really hope that my skills&passion for framing rich interactions online can find outlet through serving NGI Forward in a role of Community Manager.

All the best for your individual and collective journeys
Iwona Helena Rejmus.


Ideally that is the case, even though a recruitment process which would matchmake for a team is much lengthier than the one we can afford. Luckily, most good community managers have soft skills making it easier for them to relate and interact with others, or so we like to believe :slight_smile:
Also, during our work together we will systematize processes for close coordination: weekly calls, weekly updates by each community manager from their “language community” and so there is a lot of space to learn from each other, share, and figure out together strategies.
@johncoate’s and (slightly) mine is exactly to ensure that layer of working well together.


Hei, just jumping in to say: good to hear from you, it’s been years!!

Were you involved in OpenPompeii directly?


Hello Noemi!
Really happy to hear from you too, it’s been years but from my side it does not seems, I have been following Edgeryders projects with interest learning a lot also if I was not involved directly.

About Open Pompei: I was engaged in one of the steps of the project, in particular during the “Civic monitoring weekends” (March 2014). The initiative was designed in collaboration with Monithon and the OpenCoesione team.
Me and the team gathered information on specific projects of local interest on assets confiscated from organised crime groups, collected useful material and data to evaluate the effectiveness of projects funded both by the Italian government and the EU through the Cohesion (aka. Regional) Policy. We uploaded data onto the Monithon platform (based on Ushahidi) by selecting the projects from a list and geo-referencing and enriching them with interviews, quantitative data, pictures, and videos. The result was a form of civic, collective data storytelling.
Last but not least, I joined the community meeting of #SOD14 where was organized the Open Data Hackathon on data relating to the assets confiscated.


Hello again!
@johncoate can you share with us the recruitment schedule? When are you planning to choose your managers?



We are looking at all of the resumes and comments here and are making some choices for interviews. We will choose before our training April 8 unless we are not able to reach a decision by then on all we hope to hire, in which case others would be trained separately. The month of April will be prep for opening to the public in May. I do not want to say here who will and will not be asked to interview…bad form in a hiring process.


Thanks a lot for your answer and I am looking for your decisions!


And while I am at it, heartfelt thanks to all of you for your interest.


Thank you for an open, inspiring platform, @johncoate and @noemi . And good luck for everyone involved here!



I will be at STIL all day today - a big student event at the EPFL campus - with the Hackuarium and Octanis communities. Could I talk about NGI? (in addition to all the Hackuarium projects and especially the ones for AGiR! ??)
It is a very exciting idea…
(am sure article 11 and 13 will come up, too, @matthias)


Hi Joan Coate,

In my offline community I am seen and acting as a community manager. I bring people together in a heartfelt way and create spaces were they can be real. I ask and listen. I inspire with new viewpoints and I encourage people to question what has „always been this way“. Verbal, physical and written communication is the core of my work. I hold a Bachelor in Intercultural Communication and I have attended numerous courses on topics of communication outside of university, such as movement, art, personal development, radical honesty, nonviolent communication and bodywork. I speak German, Englisch, French and Russian and lived abroad quiet some time.

I have a strong interest to use my skills in the online world, to be able to reach even more people then I can do offline. I am actively involved in online discussions in my private life and I am familiar with trending online platforms and communities, I have used Slack as well as similar platforms to organise events and group discussions. Since about ten years I am also managing my own blog.

I see the internet and most developing technologies as a unique chance to create a peaceful, healthy and equal global society. At the same time it’s one of the biggest and most frightening challenges of our time. I identify with the goals of the NGI, especially in regards to the urgency of building strong moral online values and an open, human- centric and transparent foundation for the virtual world on which we can agree and act.

Whenever I encounter violent, uninformed and hatred-filled comments, whether it´s on YouTube, articles, group discussions or Facebook, I try to initiate a discussion adding different viewpoints and hope to get people to reflect on their statement.

It upsets me, how much hatred and false information is spread online. At the same time I appreciate the opportunity and see the advantages that the internet provides to connect to likeminded people and to spread peaceful ideas.

People in my network are involved in creating global online platforms using technologies to enhance community building and freedom. Most people I know would agree on the NGI goals, but I assume there are people who don’t understand the necessity of this kind of project. Having said that, isn’t it especially important to reach those peoples attention, that neglect the importance of creating the internet of the future in an open, human-centric transparent way?

I think clear, honest and transparent communication is one of the puzzle pieces for a peaceful, flourishing and democratic society. Therefore is see this job as a unique opportunity to grow and use my skills in a meaningful way. Along with my empathy, my keen perception and my curiosity to learn something new, I see myself as a potential candidate for this position.

Since I am currently freelancing, I am flexible to schedule myself to the needs of this job.

Excited to hear from you, my CV is attached here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gEl13-tbzw54BcQfIg6A8_NxSVcz4Vhp/view?usp=sharing,

With regards,

Theresa Neumann