Edgeryders Seeks to Hire Part-Time Community Managers for a 3 Year Project (call closed)



@johncoate I hope I will still be considered for the interview choices?


Continuing the discussion from Edgeryders Seeks to Hire 4 Part-Time Community Managers for a 3 Year Project:

Dear John, I would like to show my interest in taking part in this team of community managers with Edgeryders. With my experience as a coordinator, procedural facilitator/chair, legal adviser & diplomat, I am keen to provide a valuable contribution to the discussions on the future of the internet.

During my career I was involved with a range of international governance/legal issues (e.g., environmental, social & economic policies, human rights and development cooperation). I have diverse experience with national government, international organisations (EU, UN, OECD) and NGO’s. I am proficient in coordinating, problem solving, networking, providing guidance, and advice in EU & international law. Currently, I am extending expertise in data protection regulations (GDPR) , and international governance issues.

The position as a community manager brings different elements together that I am specifically interested in. I am keen to be involved in discussions on understanding people’s perspective on the internet, use of new technologies and desired future and long-term strategies for the governance of the internet. During my time with WWF International and currently with VOLT (new European movement), I experienced the power of building online communities. I am eager to learn from various disciplines/expertise how the internet could be more human-centric and how a true global common could be created where the safety of citizens is guaranteed. My knowledge in the development of human rights/international law/norms could be a helpful outlook.

I am an enthusiastic team-player, adaptable, diplomatic and a critical observer. Integrity, open-mindedness, reliability and curiosity are my key values. Please let me you if you need any further information or have further questions. kind regards,
Nynke Khan Wijmenga


Sure, by all means talk about it.


Do you have a cv we could look at?


I did!!


Hi all!

My name is Filip Simonovski. I’m a freelancer in the social media world who has worked for tech giants such as Microsoft Europe and ad-tech organizations such as IAB Europe.

Ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed participating in conversations groups about various topics. When I was a kid, I got passionate about history (medieval to be more precise, and this is a passion that I have to this day), and later about that new thing that will change the world: WWW.

Being an 80s kid, I’ve seen the rise of the Internet, PCs, the dot.com boom, and the rise of smartphones and AI.

During my high school years, and throughout my University (I’ve studied business IT), I’ve had the pleasure to take part in various discussion groups on what the technology is doing to us as a society, and how can we as humans make technology to work and empower us, not to strain us and make us it’s slaves. Later in university, as broadband became more accessible, I’ve started to use social media more. I’ve joined Facebook back in 2007 and used it without stop since then.

The experience I’ve gained by using it (from managing first Facebook groups, to pages to advertising), I’ve managed to transfer into my first working experience abroad, at Microsoft Europe (office in Brussels). At Microsoft Europe, I managed a large community of people who are into technology and into the Internet as a whole. There I was responsible for community management, particularly to drive conversations on how technology and the WWW can be used to boost productivity and make a difference for SMEs.

Other relevant experience is my current involvement with IAB Europe, an ad-tech trade body who’s behind IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, pushing GDPR & ePrivacy preparedness. At IAB Europe, I’m the sole responsible for its social media presence, and in helping in creating some of the strategies to ensure that the web isn’t over-regulated, and so it still stays free, supports innovation and gives the ability to anyone with a dream to achieve it online.

My personal views are that the web needs to transform, that it needs to stay always open, innovative, respect privacy and enable anyone to search, write and create whatever they are set to do. Only with such an internet, society as a whole can progress

My skills include:
Community management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, forums, message boards)
Social media analytics (Brandwatch)
Content discovery (Buzzsumo)

analytics and tracking

Usage of social media dashboards: SproutSocial, Buffer, Hootsuite
I speak Croatia, English, Dutch, some German and basic Russian.

I live in Brussels, Belgium, and I come from Croatia.
My most up to date CV: LinkedinCV


Hi @fsimonov, I’m Noemi, a longstanding community manager in Edgeryders and accompanying John in this.

I’m very curious: where do you see social marketing helping or hindering values such as privacy and freedom? As a professional, have you had to make ethical choices to respect people’s rights on the Internet?

And what comes after facebook and saturation with it, especially as many activists are dropping out altogether from it?


Dear John, thanks for your message. I have sent my cv to your email, and a connection-message on linkedin. Please let me know if you need any further information or have any questions.


Received. Thank you.


can’t resist - a few more good reasons to agree to let me contribute really, just in case it wasn’t clear:
in fb, I do also my ‘genomic integrity’ page and the Hackuarium page (not all posts, esp for the latter).
My massive science piece is also evidence of my work to learn to get the story down, to communicate to the public effectively, which will benefit the NGI aims certainly!
My project management experience and direct involvement in big collaborative EU grants (FP7), like BACSIN and BRAAVOO, really mean added value, enhancing possibilities in the community manager mode. (en plus que la langue… comme je l’aime :blush: : ) Encore… In the biohacker community, my forum participation has been long term, and a more recent network is the open science hardware crowd.
but ok.
nuff said!
happy weekend (it is already after 10pm for me… :wink:


thanks Rachel, I think this will do!


In my view, I consider social media as the current state of the Internet, and not a separate service.

In my opinion, social media represent the next evolution of the internet from web 2.0 to web 3.0 (enabling semantic web). Social media can help tremendously in pushing the value of privacy and freedom to people as people’s attention today is on social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …).

Social media marketing, when used properly can educate people on the importance of privacy, knowing how to manage it (which a lot of people don’t), and understanding what does it mean to have true web freedom. Of course, to achieve this education/promotion, you need GOOD social media campaigns that fit natively to the platform & and inform people in a way that they are used to getting informed on that platform (copy-pasting the exact same content across networks doesn’t work, as we don’t expect to find i.e random thoughts like on Twitter on Linkedin)

Regarding ethical choices, I’ve always made sure that people’s rights are respected, and that I never use any info about them to other purposes without their consent.

For Facebook and people dropping out of them, that is their choice. What’s more important I believe is to watch what people pay attention to (i.e. which platforms). If a significant amount of people who need to know more about privacy and such topics move from Facebook to i.e. Twitter, that’s where we should be.

I don’t think we’ll see a ‘new Facebook’ soon, or at least in the next 3-5 years, as Facebook is still the biggest social network on the planet (even bigger when taken into account that FB owns Instagram and Whatsapp) and they have been pretty versatile in the past.

I do believe that Facebook (and Instagram) and still the best platforms for pushing information about privacy & freedom, as advertising on it is still very underpriced (won’t be all the time, same as Google Adwords used to be 5 cents per click, compared to today’s average of 1-2 euros per click). Regarding saturation, there I agree that Facebook is full of various campaigns and various ads, BUT, if a campaign is developed that fits natively into the way that people browse Facebook (from images to videos), it can still get bit traction and generate results. This is also something that organizations and brands don’t understand, so if Edgeryders would create a campaign that would fit social networks natively, it would achieve great results in my opinion


yeah, i dont expect facebook to go away anytime soon either, I’m just wondering if its very existence and what it says about communication nowadays makes a marketing professional have ethical considerations - like refusing to work in some areas; or for certain clients, or how it can be used in a more thoughtful way. Like this that you say: Social media marketing, when used properly can educate people on the importance of privacy, knowing how to manage it (which a lot of people don’t), and understanding what does it mean to have true web freedom.

Anyway, most of the work as community manager with Edgeryders is using edgeryders.eu as a platform and direct interaction with participants who share their personal stories. Outreach is work closely related, and definitely relevant to the work (led by @nadia).


Oh, so you’ve meant if I would refuse to work for a particular client? Then yes, sure: any far right organization, any far left organization. Also any organization that can be considered racist, or which insults people on any matter (race, gender, sexual orientation, religion…). That’s why I prefer to work with tech clients :slight_smile:


I like this platform @johncoate @noemi . Is this only for project management. Feels quite comfy ti have all forms of work-related and informal conversation. Make it more open?


Make it more open? We are running open hiring here, in my books that’s as open as it gets… :slight_smile:

You might be interested to check theterms of use for the platform - it can answer some of your questions.


Hello dear Edgeryder Community! :sunflower:

My name is Boaz and I am a designer, a teacher, and a creative director, living in Berlin.

Firstly, I am extremely excited to take part in this platform, of which I somehow did not know until now. So thank you for making this possible. Secondly, the Position sounds extremely fascinating, and I think that I would make a great candidate for the following reasons:

  • I have a rich background in community management and development (both offline and online in various creative communities - which I have mostly learned from my experience in managing a co-working space & a creative collective.
  • I am a freelance designer and teacher since 7 years, so I’ve naturally developed great project and time management skills along the years.
  • Growing up in a conflict zone, I got extremely interested in human behavioral patterns and micro/macro relationships, and so I’ve been actively studying different forms of communication and conflict resolution (such as NVC for example) and currently active in the field as a creative.
  • As a designer, I naturally understand systems and know (and love) to communicate abstract ideas, simplify concepts, tell stories, organize clutter, improve methods, and to work within a team.
  • As a teacher, I work regularly with big groups of people, and I endorse communication on same eye level.
  • Living abroad for many years and traveling plenty in my life, I speak multiple languages, Fluent in English, Hebrew and German, I also understand Spanish, Czech and Croatian quite well.
  • Being an active part of the international Burning man community, I share a great passion for such values as decentralization, inclusivity, and cooperation.
  • As a human on the planet today, I share a great concern for the future of the internet, privacy issues.
  • Before coming to the creative field, I studied psychology and anthropology, simply because I love people, have a genuine interest in others, and a deep sense of empathy.

Hope the list is not too long and that it describes my perspective on life well. :slight_smile:

I would be generally very happy to hear from you soon, and at any case extremely interested in the outcome of such a wonderful initiative.

For more information about who I am and what I do:



P.S - easily reachable here : hello@digitalboaz.com


Thanks for applying @digitalboaz,
Can we ask you to reflect on these two important questions we are asking everyone? Thanks!

  • What experiences have you had that are most related to the NGI mission? What stories can you share?
  • Is your own network of colleagues and friends involved in technologies, issues, policies orgs or projects in harmony with the NGI mission where they have a deep interest and involvement that furthers one or more of the goals of the NGI mission such as openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data?


I’m ready, willing and able to be a community manager for even longer than your three years.
Here’s my LinkedIn profile:


Dear Madam or Sir,

Application for the Position of Communication Manager

With the digital revolution, it is vital for both individuals and companies to adapt their way of communication or simply their business strategy. This has become even more crucial with the increasing use of advanced concepts and methodologies spanning the domains of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, interactive technologies and many more. That’s why people need to be informed about these long-term strategies and policies. With a keen interest in new technologies, I believe, I am the ideal candidate to fulfill the missions of a Community Manager.

Fluent in English and French, I work as a Freelance communication and marketing specialist, a position that allows me to acquaint myself with a wide range of sectors including new technologies, and all concepts that surround the “Next Generation Internet”.

I have built up a certain experience by creating a media dedicated to new technologies that allows me to provide daily news on such topic and to support companies that specialize in this area at the communication level. Able to work part-time without set hours, during the day or night, I enjoy dedicating time and passion to create and share compelling stories that only specific target groups can understand and identify themselves to.

I therefore understand the value of words such as “responsiveness”, “tolerance”, and “conversation”, and I am able to make a community understand points succinctly.
Detail-oriented, self-motivated in a remote work capacity and willing to travel, I have a natural inclination to stay connected on all communication supports. Furthermore, over time, I have gained ability to manage complex projects within tight deadlines.

I am eager to further my experience for the NGI Forward 2 project and ready to discuss this opportunity in an interview.
My resume and portfolio of competences can be read here

Yours Truly,

Kety Sindze