Edgeryders Seeks to Hire Part-Time Community Managers for a 3 Year Project (call closed)



I mean more public and social. Maybe open not the right phrase because thats the vision for the platform alteady. Thanks for nugding me to rrad the terms and conditions


Hey John,? Here it is. Looking forward talking to you! Have a nice day!

Fearless Cities Festival (2018)

Online Community Management
Communications Coordinator: Coordinate a team of peers in charge of communicating the festival
Targeting online / offline communities.

Community Activator. Client: Global Portfolio Management (2016)

Activate a community, through workshops and online networking (slack), to dynamise an area of the city center of Brussels (Commercial Gallery Ravenstein) in order to highlight its authenticity and make it thrive as a place where people gather to meet, think, discuss and exchange.
###Open Kitchen (2011-2015)
Business design and management. Set up a community of urban explorers looking for city dining experiences.
Community Management using Facebook, Twitter , Wordpress and Mailchimp. + Facilitation of physical experiences in people’s houses.

Single Market Month (2013)

An experiment to “crowdsource” ideas from citizens on how to improve the EU Single Market.
Participated in, moderated and was responsible for ongoing online conversations about the future of the EU Single Market and related issues.
Add to conversations by providing links to reference material, articles and papers when appropriate.

Eures Network Community Management 2013-2014

Community Management (strategy and implementation) for a pan-european Eures Network. Training members of the Eures network on the effective use of social media tools via a distance learning.

EUSEW 2011-2012

Helped to build the first EU Sustainable Energy Week online community. Unlock and realise their digital potential by helping the client to understand the power of well-organized digital communities.

European Microcredit Association 2010-2011

Participate in, moderate and be responsible for ongoing online conversations about the future of the EU Microcredits.
Add to conversations by providing links to reference material, articles and papers when appropriate.

Web Editor Tipik 2005

Writing Articles for Europa Website.


Hi everyone,

I am interested in this offer and I would apply.

I am multilingual, well organized, autonomous and enthusiastic with significant experience in the projects management and coordination as well as community management on international platforms. I am a member of the Internet Society. I have excellent communication skills, good experience in leading teams. Enjoy new challenges and experiences.
Please find in attachment my CV.


@noemi Hi Noemi, I saw that you liked my application and I would love to know, whether it is taken into consideration and if my profile fits the requirements or not. Do you have any open questions in regards to my experience or motivation? When will you let us know, who is going on the training in April? Excited to hear from you!


There are some things that are appropriate for we managers to discuss in this topic and some that are not. One’s prospects is something that we do privately. Yes we are unconventional in some ways, but much of the process for making a hire has long worked-out protocols that make good sense to follow. If you have general questions about the project or the work, then we can probably be helpful. But past that, we will let you know in a separate message.


Hello Edgeryders!

Native Polish speaker here with very good knowledge of English. :smiley: I’m replying to your post because I love the idea of participating in a community project, I have some experience as community manager and I support the ideas of decentralization, privacy, inclusivity and protection and verification of data.

So far I’ve worked as community manager within two areas: cryptocurrencies and e-commerce (sustainable products). In both cases I was responsible for various social channels, creating and moderating discussions, creating content and popularizing ideas such as decentralization or sustainability. I believe I managed to do that in a civil and calm way, encouraging exchange of ideas and community creation.

My circle of friends naturally includes also people of similar interests, for example popularizing ideas and creating connections between nations with the help of literature foundation, working on various cryptocurrency projects and supporting decentralization and focusing on fraud elimination, as well as friends that support LGTB+ communities.

Please feel free to check my CV and reach out with any questions you might have.

Maja CV


Hello everyone. First deep thanks to all of you who responded to this call. We have examined and considered each of you. We interviewed a number of you. A few of you are still being considered. But for now I am going to close this topic and move forward with the choices we have made.

We may put out another call, for this specific project or for another. In our projects we often look to this, our own network, for good people. And in the case of this Next Generation Internet project that is relevant to each one of us, when we open it to the public in May I hope you will participate.

In the meantime, again our sincere thanks.


Update April 10:
We have made the decision to hire one of the applicants and I will announce it soon. In going through this process, along with how we plan to conduct our outreach campaigns for this NGI Forward project, we have decided at this point to hire only the one person we chose. In making this decision we looked for a combination of specific knowledge, experience, skills, personality and “chemistry” (that intangible something that expresses itself between the lines so to speak).

So if you are not that person, then you can now know we have not selected you for this contract at this time.

Everyone who applied or responded is interesting, talented, likable and doing worthwhile work. So the fact that you were not chosen does not mean otherwise, nor does it mean that we will not have future contracts for which you might be the right person. I am sure that we will, and you will be welcome to apply for them as they get announced.

Again, thanks for your interest and I hope that you stay with us here on the Edgeryders platform and participate meaningfully in the network. Believe me, it helps.

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