Edgeryders South Africa: Gooi!

As a nation reborn South Africa, and everyone involved in building its future, are in a unique position of both learning from and contributing to the experiments of people trying to build a better tomorrow together. The aims of this workshop is to connect the green new shoots acting in the local scene with one another and with their edgeryding peers in other parts of the world. And to surface opportunities for collaboration between them which generate value for everyone involved.

Every member of this group shares responsibility for creating the means to make things happen, and if needed can use the Edgeryders Social Enterprise to do so. This is a feature not a bug: At Edgeryders we are experimenting with new ways of getting things done and collaborating on a massive scale. So if we  can we do better than “Business as usual” together, we will be contributing towards not only our own ability to generate change together, but open new avenues for others.

How to get started? Read and leave comments on the posts by other members of this group below!