Edgeryders to work with the World Bank on social innovation in the MENA region

We are proud to announce that Edgeryders has signed a contract with the World Bank Group. They think that young people in MENA region could use a space to help each other boostrapping their lives and work. They were thinking about peer-to-peer support as an operations mode. They were thinking about social innovation as a space to expand into. In short, they were thinking about something that looks a lot like Edgeryders itself, or at least shares its key values.

So, they invited us to take part in a procurement process. The list of the entities invited to bid looked intimidating: NESTA, IDEO, MIT, Impact Hub Dubai and more. But we decided to give it shot, and we won. This is yet another step on our mission of connecting the edge of society with its center. It does not get much more central than the World Bank.

So. We will be working on this. effective immediately and up to February-March 2018. We cannot yet say much about it, as we need to iron out our executive plan first. But I can already say this: we are being ambitious. We are going for long-ranging, long lasting impact.

We are looking to connect with people with an interest in social innovation and peer-to-peer culture. We particularly welcome interest from residents of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you: start here, and let’s see where it all goes.

Photo credit: Ghost-Rider on flickr.com 


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