MENA Social Innovation Youth Platform, Ethnographic Findings and more! - Week of 26th June 2017

The big news from last week is our announcement of a contract partnership with the World Bank to set up a peer to peer support based space in the Middle East and North Africa region. The space will be geared towards the mutual support for young people in the region and we’re looking forward to embarking on the project. We are gathering input for the project, especially relevant to young people from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, you can submit your ideas here.

MENA Social Innovation Youth Platform

Building a space for mutual support for young people in the MENA region, especially geared towards social innovation.

If you care about this and would like to be involved, register and leave a post in this group briefly introducing yourself.

Meanwhile in Open Care the preliminary results are out thanks to @Amelia’s Ethnographic Findings detailing core issues identified by new communities of Open Care - Resilience in the face of Crisis, Mental Health and Alternative Living, Autonomy and Interdependency, Issues of Legality, Regulation, and Safety when working Outside Existing Systems, Egalitarian Ideals. We’ll be featuring all five themes through the week with links to background material relating to each one. We invite you to share these with your own networks, so stay tuned for our call to action (today or tomorrow).

Preliminary Ethnographic Findings

A summary of ethnographic findings around resilient communities based on open care. If you have a comment to share or would like to be involved, register here and share the post using the links below.

Amelia’s latest post ‘Invisible Illnesses: Transforming Self-Care into Collective Care’ also covers a new perspective on unsolvable medical issues and how community support can step in through care networks, it is highly recommended reading.

Join our Community Call on Wednesday 28th June

You are welcome to join our weekly community call to discuss these themes and more on Wednesday June 28th at 18:00 CET. If you simply want to listen in or talk about your own project, feel free to also join.

It couldn’t be easier:

  1. Leave a comment below or email so we know you want to participate
  2. Join the Google Hangout on June 21st (Wednesday) at 18:00 CET

Wishing you all a good week!


I have to skip the community call

I’ll be on a plane tomorrow at the time of the call. I’ll be reporting here on latest program developments after a quick chat today with Winnie and Gehan.

Ping @Woodbinehealth and @Nadia , can you guys make it to the call?


I’m also flying at the time of the call. Hope to have some good stuff to share after tonight’s call.

Yah I can make it

18.00 CET. Cool.