Edgeryders Webkit Directory

Ids below need to be added to the url https://webkitsandbox.netlify.app/

- id: 13575
  alias: test
- id: 13668
  alias: test3
  domain: tell.edgeryders.eu
- id: 13703
  alias: reef
  domain: reef.edgeryders.eu
- id: 13684
  alias: reznet
- id: 13837
  alias: econscifi-event
- id: 13896
  alias: econscifi
  domain: scifieconomicslab.net
- id: 13830
  alias: covid19-health
- id: 13832
  alias: covid19-resilient-livelihoods
- id: 13833
  alias: covid19-coworking
- id: 13835
  alias: covid19-resilient-livelihoods-pl
- id: 13836 
  alias: newsletter
- id: 13865
  alias: research
  domain: research.edgeryders.eu
- id: 14040
  alias: resilience
- id: 14241
  alias: messina

Hmm this looks like something that should rather live in a Git repository? With the Github web-based editor, it can be edited there as well by anyone with a browser and access rights.

@matthias I think it will end up in the repository… for now just testing this as a way of routing multiple configurations through one instance of the webkit.

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