List of Single Template Pages + Forms in order of priority

yes @ja66er has put them together here: Event Landing page: Polish

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Every week, @lroddy publishes a post like this one in the campfire: Information overload: How can we interpret a world in chaos?

The contents of the most recent newsletter are to be copy pasted onto the newsletter campaign page. @lroddy it would be helpful if you could alert Kaja every time you post a newsletter onto the platform?


Thanks Nadia for the explanation. I’ve tried that, but it was not loading at all so I thought it must be something I don’t know. For the moment when I open this - Edgeryders I see only blank page. @owen is there something wrong how I copied the stuff?

Great! Thanks :slight_smile: I do that first thing in the morning tomorrow (no brain for looking at the screen any more today).

I still have the problem of seeing only blank page on for the ones I’ve created yesterday, the one in Polish from this morning I can see, but there are some bugs. @owen ?

maybe @hugi can help see what’s wrong? He knows the markup well

@nadia where can I find the text info to be put on this page? Thanks!

@estragon I think is more or less ready with the video trailer for that event so you can upload it too?

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Could you link me to the templates and the corresponding pages?

they’re here: List of Single Template Pages + Forms in order of priority - #5 by kajafarszky

And below in comments, you can find the ones I’ve created (copied the text info).

ansewered :point_up_2:t5:

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Okay, but which are the ones that are causing problems?

Event Page 1:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders

Event Page 2:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders

Event Page 3:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders

Event Page 4:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders
(this one is visible, all the others I see only blank page on live)

Newsletter Page:
written template here
on live - Edgeryders

It might be something I copied wrong, but I don’t manage to see what. (first time doing it :grimacing:).

Noted thanks - I’ll do that going forward

I’ve created some of them:
Company minisite Page 2: About us

Company minisite Page 3: Services

Company minisite Page 4: Methods

Company minisite Page 8: Impact Strategy

For the others I was not sure how to adapt it to the template that we have. I’m happy to work more on it if I have more instructions from @nadia and @owen

@kajafarszky feel free to contact me if you need help with Polish texts. I can add registration form to the wiki if needed.

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For the moment I think I’m managing somehow (with my slavic roots, croatian as a mother tongue :wink: ), adding the registration form to the wiki would be helpful. Thanks!

:slight_smile: this link to registration form:

So, these are all working now - there were a couple of missing closing tags in some of the posts, I have fixed them and a separate issue with the form rendering.

I have set up aliases, until we have domains set up for each site:

topic: 13830
alias: covid19-health

topic: 13832
alias: covid19-resilient-livelihoods

topic: 13833
alias: covid19-coworking

topic: 13835
alias: covid19-resilient-livelihoods-pl

topic: 13836
alias: newsletter

topic: 13837
alias: econscifi-event

Aliases can be added/modified here: Edgeryders Webkit Directory

Some additional work on the layout is needed for some of these pages, so I will do this next. These will be tweaked for Monday - along with the RezNet site which is using a different template.

In the meantime, @kajafarszky @nadia some of the work can be done on visually differentiating them with header images - if you can find ones that fit each page that would be a huge help. @nadia if you need specific typography, color or layout adjustments for each page let me know. Most of this can be done in the configuration topic.