Edgeryders workshop. October 1 in Johannesburg. See you there!

West Coast of Africa at Night (NASA, International Space Station, 09/16/11)

All over the world, people are building new ways of living and working, together. Amazing projects demonstrate hope for the future and visions of the world which is possible when we work with others.  In London, Brixton Village became a thriving example of what people can achieve when creative individuals worked together to revitalize a fading historic arcade. Many people living their dreams together changed one corner of the world.

In Europe, a group of (mostly young) people, over 1500 members from 30 countries, are making inroads in figuring out how to deeply engage with one another and problem solve on some of their stickiest issues. These methods also generated new ways to co-create together.  They have had high-level interactions with the policy writers at the European Parliament, have delivered high quality knowledge-work to government, businesses and peer-to-peer organisations. They are organiseing innovation residencies in an under-populated town in Italy, where the local municipality and residents receive several tangible benefits.  Social innovators, funders and inverstors from around the globe are watching proceedings with great interest.

One of Edgeryders main organisers, Nadia EL-Imam, will be in Johannesburg to lead a workshop at the Jozi Hub on Tuesday 1 October 2013, hosted by the Embassy of Sweden in South Africa. The purpose of the workshop is to share some of the methods and lessons learned in Edgeryders and exchange experiences with colleagues and potential collaborators in South Africa.

  • are you a lone wolf citizen innovator chipping away at effort of making things better?
  • are you looking to invest in good people trying to make amazing things happen?
  • are you tired of running alone?
  • do you want to meet The Others .......here, in your own town?  and get some fuel and ideas from young people in Europe, who have figured some stuff out?

Then come to this gathering and find your pack!

Come and tell us about the amazing things you and your friends are doing, or have visited, so that we can showcase the important green shoots shaping a new way of making our way in the world together. We are interested in new kinds of employment, social enterprises and other projects which embody new values, cultural centres, galleries, projects and teams. If it’s a place that people can visit, so much the better - take us on a of tour of a part of the future you are building.

Where does this all go? It is up to the participants in the workshops to explore together.

Registration: Participation in the event is free of charge but restricted to 50 attendees, first come- first served. To register send us an email telling us a little about yourself, what you are currently working on and what you would like to explore in the workshop with other participants: Joziworkshop@edgeryders.eu

Date: 2013-09-30 22:00:00 - 2013-10-01 22:00:00, Africa/Johannesburg Time.

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