Editorialized interview with Alberto

I’ve managed to write the first draft of the article based on the interview i had with @alberto on Wednesday evening: Alberto Cottica Article - Google Docs

What I’d like to have happen before we publish:

  • Alberto: please go over the text and add your edits and comments. @nadia, you can do the same
  • When you’re done, please ping me.
  • After that, I’d like @cbrzostowski to give it a nice edit (track changes).
  • I’ll go over the changes, and we can go live.

Sounds like a plan?

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Done @inge.

Wow, I had explained things really badly. Apologies. Hope it’s clearer now.

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Great, much clearer indeed. Always good to have the eyes of the interviewee.

@cbrzostowski please have a look when you can. Thanks!

@inge Hi! All done with my edit. Let me know if I can help clarify any of my comments.

have pushed it out now, well done @inge and @alberto

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Me too! :slight_smile:

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