Educate-me redefining education in Egypt

Educate-Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation (registration number 8418) that was founded in June 2010 to redefine education in Egypt. We aspire to create an educational approach that would bring about people who pursue what they really want and would push boundaries in every field of knowledge, driven by their passion and curiosity. One that raises generations of learners, who can learn, unlearn and relearn, who have the courage and perseverance to change both themselves and the world around them; to create the world of their dreams.

Educate-me evolved into a learner-centered organization that aims at providing everyone inside it with the freedom and opportunity to aspire to what they dream of becoming. This is achieved through the different learning programs that are currently implemented in Educate-me’s community development center in Konayyesa, Giza.

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