Education & Learning. Futurespotters & Viral Academy: lets team up

Since the first lote event, education reality check and a topic of learning appears from thread to thread on the platform.

Out of session on Learning and work of many, came a handbook for policymakers: “Learning on The Edge” published two years ago, @nadia posted Learning Reloaded.

Making a Living Reloaded summarised dreaded flaws of conventional educational systems we all familiar with:

“gap between the knowledge gained through educational process and the education required for actual jobs…Outdated curricula and domination of theoretical knowledge.”

Pros and cons of e-learning and e-learning platforms personal experiences were also discussed.

Though, Edgeryders is about doing and learning by doing, not moaning about education. As @noemi put it in Making sense of Edgeryders experiences “Edgeryders place a lot of value in peer to peer learning and opportunity learning, online and through ICT technologies - this may be of value to the extent that labor markets are able to absorb this less specialized and more interdisciplinary oriented individuals.”

We are learning junkies, because that’s how we survived. We managed to learn before the formal education kicked in, through the environments and the peers. […] Studying sometimes does not provide a learning environment, but a huge amount of unsorted data which is not to be confused with learning.

Recent futurespotters threads have quite a few strong points on the importance and possibilities to fix education, by @hazem, @labanita and others. I’ll would like to make few quotes, I can totally relate to @Fayez “…the problem will not be solved with updating the current educational system, it will be solved by a new parallel system that is efficient.” And @amiridinaIt’s not about FREE education, but QUALITY education

@amalia_kamalian wrote "There are a lot of things that need to be reviewed and changed in our educational system. And if we can’t make the necessary changes in formal education /because of a number of hindering factors/ then we can try our best in informal education, creating a network of non-formal education ‘cells’ throughout the country concentrating not only on Yerevan.

My point here is that Edgeryders community is strong on the fixing of education subject.

In March Viral Academy project was mothered by Edgeryders LBG. Viral Academy can and ideally should be customised and replicated anywhere. We’re now prototyping it in Matera, Italy. Sweden and UK to come this summer.

So far a small core team: @aden @hazzard, @lauren, and @fortyfoxes started fleshing out the methodology, social business model trying out and combining existing tools and resources. We not building another MOOC or a platform, because we can make use of and combine already available MOOCS and platforms to create a framework for learning relevant skills and make education viral. We will present the main points in the community call this week, welcome in and let’s work together!

We also have a social business model on the way, and it will be great to have people interested in fixing education passing on skills, building learning processes and environments, to join forces.

Thanks,@alberto for starting to spot overlaps.

[Ahead of the community call] Here come the questions

@k11 thanks for getting the ball rolling and providing a bit of background as to why the Viral Academy can deliver something important.

Can you elaborate, here in writing and prepare it for the Thursday presentation in the community call

  • what kind of support your team can provide to those who wish to collaborate?

We know it’s related to the methodology, but there are bits of information spread here and there and the core is missing. Perhaps it’s because you are still developing the project?

What infrastructure should be in place for groups who are into skill sharing to be able to adopt VA?

Other specific questions that I have and adding here, let’s see how many we can answer by Thursday:

  • @david Bovill wrote that VA aims to combine or alternate online with offline teaching, but what is the range of available online channels that someone wishing to run with the methodology can use? Is there training provided for the starting up with using a channel?
  • Do those who run with VA need to work under this name and brand? Is there a formal agreement to be settled between you guys and other orgs?
  • Do those who run with VA share the whole responsibility of creating communities around their teachers and learners?
  • Does your budget cover workshops or trainings on the VA methodology? how do you see integration with projects that are run independently from you, the core team? As I understand the whole idea of VA is to empower communities to run with p2p learning themselves, but is there a core set of principles that you can hand in and how?

anyway… long list, hope that at least some of these are relevant for others.

Maybe some are too detailed at this phase, let me know…

waiting for the call

thnx @k for the post .

I just wanted to say I am waiting for the call this week .

and wanted to quote this from u “We not building another MOOC or a  platform, because we can make use of and combine already available MOOCS and platforms to create a framework for learning relevant skills and make education viral.” I was looking back to some proposal I was writing for a research - didn’t happen anyway :slight_smile: - and found that " the output shouldn’t be another MOOC "

now I am trying to read some of ur old posts on edgeryders and I think u already have something pretty

  • I don’t believe in a one size fits all solution I think u too -  but I think u have some guidelines or manifesto for this "viral learning "

anyway looking forward for the call and hope we can cooperate and link the new discussions with what u already have

best and c u on thursday

Regarding Viral Academy.

This is nice step regarding Education and specially E learning i often wanted to describe that crevice between the learning increased through instructive procedure and the training needed for genuine jobs…Outdated curricula and mastery of hypothetical information.

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