Email to participants of the OpenVillage

@owen, heads up for you, I will be preparing and sending a regular update for our participants (the list of participants is in our folder, around 40 people, email every 10 days). I have sent the first one today, you should have it as well



nice work @natalia_skoczylas & thanks for mentioning the #countonme list

Thanks you two for coordinating and making sure we dont overload people.

My proposal is to use the remaining of August / early Sept on tightening communication with participants about how the event is being built - “live updates” + pinging people to send in info (their bios), check/ confirm scheduling and especially start booking travels + accommodation. We will need pages for both where people can coordinate rideshares or shared lodging. @natalia_skoczylas is doing that, so @owen you can keep your focus on stories & interesting content across projects.

Then in September we do the twitterstorm for #openvillage (mid month). I hope this works for you both…

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Hi guys, next email to Festival participants is due this week, don’t you think?

@natalia_skoczylas if you can prepare a draft that would be great! Share the document with us so that @woodbinehealth, @gehan @winnieponcelet can add their own news? Thanks!

Good morning! I have prepare the draft letter and assigned everyone to add notes by tonight, so I can send it either later today or in the morning tomorrow;) @gehan @winnieponcelet @woodbinehealth @noemi Thanks in advance :wink:

For reference this is the document (I dont think people would find it!): can you change the sharing settings @natalia_skoczylas to make it editable?
#Countdown Email #3 - Google Docs

It needs a list of things we need help with:

  1. create a tweetable invitation to your session that others can pick up and help promote it… Add it here: /Natalia, can you set up link to a topic on the platform with a growing list of session descriptions & materials -
    include flyers like this:

  2. we are drawing attention to the great work done by the community - please share and signup on CountOnMe to spread the sessions!

  3. include other things needed by curators.