End of Money

I would like to create a new category:


With different topics as:

End of Money - Change of money morphology
Diversified economies - collective and individual
Post-capitalist Initiatives
Worldwide Social-Economic Networks from Neigbourhood
Europe in Transition - Post-capitalism 2030 (help creating per year agenda)
Economics for the Singularity
Law for the Singularity - Restorative justice - Preventive nanobot justice
European Mutual Wellbeing Network (European Commonwealth Network - Out of Mutual Aid Networks concept and towards World Wide Commonwealth Network)

And wondering if someone could help me.
Or if, someone could sugest in which existing category would fit.

For the End of Money, I will post straight here, this article (I recommend to follow all their links):

I keep some more links here:



Hi Joel, what would you like to do in the category? A good way to get a discussion going around the topic of interest is to write a well thought through post presenting an idea or some findings etc. Since the topic here is money, I think it should be posted in the sci-fi economics category…

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Thank you very much dear Nadia.
Sounds great.
Learning how this all works.
How strict is the order.
How best I can articulate with you all and the platform.
Gonna check if there’s some manual around here, som FAQ, etc
Tks again 4 ur kindness

fyi this is the category Nadia mentioned: https://edgeryders.eu/c/earthos

All look like interesting topics by the way!

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Thank you very much, dear Noemi.
Thanks also for your appreciation of the topics.
Let’s see if we can prove how obsolet fiat/bank money is in it’s nowadays morphology.
Hope we can find ways to improve it.
And how vital is it’s transformation towards a wellbeing future in biospheric equilibrium.
:slight_smile: Big hug to you and everyone!


The end of money is something I’m working on. Here are some notes:


hi @jolwalton , nice to read you :slight_smile: @Joel1 have you seen seen Jolwaltons post above?

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Got some problems to reach the files.
But I’m very interested.
I may suffer from internet connection issues.
I’ll check it out ASAP.

Thanks for sharing, and Nadia for the reminder.

Really want to read your papers and see how we could fit transitional fast strategies to propose worldwide.

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Got it.
Such a metaphoric approach
Thanks for your contribution.

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Curious where this is at now @Joel . I have been around post-monetary folks for many years, and I am wondering what flavor is here.