The Reef This is the space of the Reef project. Use it for anything related to it. We are keeping it as a public space, open on the web. Remember not to post anything that you are not comfortable with being public information. Sci-Fi Economics Economists, politicians and business leaders, it seems, have given up on trying to imagine completely different economic systems. But we have not. And neither has a small group of brainy, visionary science fiction authors: Cory Doctorow (peer production and abundance in Walkaway), Bruce Sterling (nomads + cheap open source technology + reputation servers in Distraction), Neal Stephenson (phyla in The Diamond Age), Peter Watts (tons of insights from biology in the Rifters trilogy), and others.... Climate Work For everyone: Post here stories of climate change prevention / adaptation, ecosystem restoration etc… This would be also the place for low-impact living, mobility and infrastructure: airships, houseboats, and so on. Tell us about yourself and your work and ideas, and let’s see what we can do together. For Edgeryders: This is also the public space for the climate change related projects in our company, including: Climate Positive. EIT Climate-KIC started a project called Climate Positive, in... Autarky Lab A place to develop and learn about autarky solutions: technologies, organization techniques and best practices that enable self-sufficient living on the long term. Here, autarky is comprehensive self-supply and self-governance in small social units. It’s the maker’s way of making a living, a solution for political problems with non-political means. It’s how we fix precarious living, excessive consumption, bullshit jobs and politics alike. Solutions documented here are esp. relevant for...
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:orange_book: The Future of Ecological Urban Living

Available versions: PDF. A PDF version of this document is available here: The_Future_of_Ecological_Urban_Living.pdf (457.1 KB) Source. The source format (OpenDocument Text format) of this document is available he…

15 April 1, 2020
Event: Yanis Varoufakis' near-term sci-fi economics 8 March 31, 2020
Econ-SF: a selection of works and authors

This wiki originates in this discussion. It is a full wiki, with a version history and editable by most of those logged in. The platform requires your trust level to be at least 1 to let you edit a wiki. This is basical…

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