Engage Community Members in shaping vision statement for Edgeryders

  1. Add more questions to this form https://edgeryders.eu/participate so we have crucial info for collaborative applications
    • ​​Caroline has posted questions here:
  2. Formulate a call to action: What we want people to do: Fill in this form https://edgeryders.eu/participate  so that we can put together this document http://popplet.com/app/index.php#/1444477 
    • ​​Nadia has prepared email here:
  3. Get word out about it Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Platform, Newsletter.
    • ​​Nadia has prepared calls to action here:
    • Nadia has prepared images for statusupdates, to draw attention to calls to action here:
    • Nadia has prepared mailchimp newsletter here: 


Preparing a newsletter/ Before that, can someone check the updated form? https://edgeryders.eu/building-a-shared-vision-of-edgeryders

looks good

A few small things, otherwise I think it’s cool. [Caroline Paulick-Thiel] what do you think, is something missing?

  1. Can people who are not signed in submit a form on the platform? If no, you need to write at the very top people have to be signed in & give a 1.2.3 step how-to instructable for doing so
  2. Make it less committal. How would you like to contribute towards achieving those objectives?Pick one or more of the options below and don't worry, you are not committing to anything yet, it just gives us a general overview of who might possibly be interested in doing what.
  3. Can we format it so not all text is in bold and maybe add a nice photo with some people in it? I think it would feel friendlier.

well done


Good work!

My comments have been mentioned by Nadia. Put a deadline for the send out, so we can get back in a couple of days/weeks and send a reminder again.

Add, format, include a pic  -  and send out!


I think it could benefit from “learn more” (or similar) links. Example:

Use Edgeryders as corporate shell: get administrative support for your project, legal and financial advice, web hosting, our collaboration infrastructure and an awesome community to help get global exposure (learn more).

My reasoning is that the vast majority of edgeryders have not heard of any one of the themes the super-active core is musing about!

Not much freedom to format the webform

Thanks guys, a couple of thoughts:

  • anyone can fill in the form, logged in or not
  • added links where available
  • picture: added
  • deadline for filling in the form: end of the year, say 20th of December?
  • default bold text in the answer options: indeed something bothering. I looked for a way to change that setting but couldn't find it. perhaps [guaka] can help us set the text in the webform options so as to not be in BOLD?

email sent!

Let’s be legions of Edgeryders!

Let’s push the form this week, see how it behaves, and then another time end of next week. Responses are saved into the database and are downloadable - .xls file.