Engagement and communication plan

On Tuesday, @matteo_uguzzoni @LucijaKla and I met to discuss the plan for the upcoming months related to engagement of participants and general communication. Today Lucija and I drafted the strategy on which we will further work on, but it makes a good starting point.


  • warm-up sessions

    • 3-4 between early December and beginning of February (this will be further explained by Matteo)
    • expected number of Croatian participants: 50
    • expected number of international participants: 50
  • offline events in Croatia

    • 3 events between early December and January
    • expected number of participants: 40
  • game sessions

    • 10 sessions starting from 16th of January until the end of February
    • expected number of Croatian participants: 30 (3 per session)
    • expected number of international participants: 30 (3 per session)


  • Croatians:

    • Participating in third-party events to share info about the project and get some contacts: Udruga Igranje, Carta Magica…
    • Offline event in Rijeka (until the end of the year): joining the existing gaming community
    • Offline event in Split (until the end of the year): presenting LARP and game night
    • Offline event in Split (beginning of January): art & climate (Crystal Clean Supply)
    • Reaching out to universities and students, presentation of the project - Edu4Games (Academy of dramatic arts), Algebra, Academy of Fine Arts Split (Speculative Design Department)
    • Personal contacts, 1 on 1 reaching to people who might be interested in participating
    • Reaching out to NGOs active in the field of environmental issues: Zelena akcija, Rebel Extinction etc.
    • Social networks outreach
  • International:

    • Presenting the project and game design process at Neol’s show & tell (online)
    • Reaching out to networks and organizations we have contacts with
    • using Edgeryders platform to engage the existing community interested in the topic
    • Personal contacts, 1 on 1 reaching to people who might be interested in participating
    • Social networks outreach


  • Short (one-page) attractive info about the project / mid-October (once the game is finalized)
  • Comprehensive package: what is the project about, what we offer and what we need (both for printing and mailing) / end October - beginning of November
  • Slide deck: to be used for presentations / November
  • Newsletter / starting from December once the call for participants is out
  • Social media material: to be shared in FB groups and other social networks; teasers for Instagram / FB (engaging students from the Arts Academy in Split - Speculative Design to make some visuals) / November
  • Calendar: all warm-up sessions and game sessions listed in a comprehensive manner (overview) / beginning of December
  • User instructions: how to sign-up, what to expect…rules of engagement / beginning of December

While Matteo is finalizing the game, Lucija will do some research and create a list of all the people / groups / organizations we are planning to reach out to. We will document when and how we are doing that and the outcomes. And I will be reaching out to Arts Academy in Split to start discussing possible involvement of students.

If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to comment.

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@matteo_uguzzoni meet Beyza @bruepap from Neol :slight_smile:
We just had a short chat about the timing of our event. Would 1st of December work for you?

Also, she will be coming to NY around that time, would be great if you guys could meet in person too!


Hello @marina thank you for summarizing this, I’ll follow up shortly, for now Dec 1st works fine for me. @bruepap nice to meet you! Yes please let me know if you’re in NYC I would love to chat and meet you, let mw know when you’re in town and we set up that :slight_smile:

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Just a short update on this. We finally decided to have an open call for illustrators from Croatia rather than to engage just one student. The call is open for creative illustrations on the topic of the climate change and the impact on the Mediterranean coastal cities and communities. It’s until 17th of November and we decided to reward the best ones. Let’s see what we are going to receive :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted!