Ensure all workshop materials are purchased and available at the event venue by August 25

Please make sure that all the material requested purchased and sent to the venue so they are available on location by August 25 at the latest. Please also update the internal Edgeryders budget document with the costs for the different materials puchased when you purchase items.

1. PARTICIPANT ARRIVAL PACKAGE: Instead of the usual boring lots of different sheets in a folder we are producing one booklet that participants hang around their neck. It serves as a name tag and contains all the information that event participants need. The talk to me bubbles are not in the booklet, but they are also hung around the neck. On the front and back of each booklet we will have two stickers, one of the logo in the dark blue colour. And one of the logo in the right colour for the team the participant is put into (there is a bit of confusion about exactly how many teams and colours we need). We just need to make sure the stickers are printed and delivered along with the printed booklet materials. This is the example we refer too http://fontsinuse.com/uses/37/f8-conference-badges. Things to order/buy for the Participant Arrival Package are:

a. Material for fifty booklets using either Susa or Simonas design, depending on which is cheapest to print. Please make sure they include all the right content in the final file.

b. Stickers:  1) 2x50 of the event icon in the main blue color ( 50 participants, one sticker for each side of the booklet)  2) 2 x 10 of the event icon in each of the 6 other colours of the logo.

c. Talk to me Bubbles (around same size as booklet) (we can print 50 of them with a normal printer on location).

d. The Lanyards to hang the booklet around the neck with: If you can find them all in one colour (black always works) that would be lovely. You need then same amount as number of pariticipants. Please make sure they too are shipped to the

2. WRITING AND DOCUMENTATION MATERIALS: We really dont want to waste paper and try to avoid post it notes. There is an alternative I prefer which is static sheets which can be reused. They are also better because you can post normal paper (not post its) on them. And normal paper in different shapes and coloours is easier to find.

Notebooks: If you are going with Susas design, it requires you to buy 50 notebooks, please ask her for a link where to get them.

Whiteboard Pens: get 6 x packages of the package with six differenrt coloured pens in it: http://www.staedtler.com/en/products/markers-refill-ink/whiteboard-flipchart-markers/lumocolor-whiteboard-marker-351-whiteboard-marker-with-bullet-tip/#id=264&tx_solr[filter][0]=lineWidth%253A667

Fine Markers (instead of sharpies if we are using reusable post its): get 40 non permanent markers of this thickness in blue or back http://www.staedtler.com/en/products/markers-refill-ink/whiteboard-flipchart-markers/lumocolor-whiteboard-pen-301-whiteboard-pen/#id=264&tx_solr[filter][0]=lineWidth%253A659

Reusable Whiteboard Sheets: Find out from Jennifer or Roumiana how many we need/day

Reusable Post it notes: Find out how many we need/day.

For all the other paper stuff; we just get 2 boxed of coloured printer paper in each of the colours they want. I ll get them cut at a print shop in town.

Package sent to Villa Borghi


So I’ve looked through various shopping lists here and in the project google drive - not all info was consistent - but what I could print/buy given the timeframe was:

  • Stickers with KnowLab (approx. 100)
  • Talk to Me bubbles (45)
  • Lanyard chords, blue (50) 
  • Post it notes – round and funny sizes; random colors (5 sets of bigger post its, 10 sets of small post its)
  • Colored paper A4, different colors corresponding to the workshops
  • Big white paper roll to use for various purposes - including for whiteboard sheets
  • 50 markers, different colors  !Missing - whiteboard markers - have them bought on location or somewhere else!
  • 50 pens, different colors
  • 5 scrissors
  • 5 scotch tapes,  including 1 double

It should all arrive in Varano Borghi, Hotel Villa Borghi tomorrow at the latest.

PS: Ola also sent the MethodKit pack and apparently it arrived safely.

cc @Inge

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Just confirming that all was delivered on location in time

Task closed. Thank you Noemi.