Establishing Online Radio UnMonastery

The aim behind estabishing an UnMonastery Radio station is to be  able to naturally bring voices from the local community of Matera, edgeryders at UnMonastery, other creative physical spaces across the world and the wider community of social innovation change agents.

The Online Radio station can also become a platform to send audio tweets, that may include sending operational, managerial or strategical queries/responces activities in real time within community members as well as onground/physical spaces.

In the beginning, the streaming of audio streaming is carried out through software “spreaker” which is easy to broadcast anywhere from mobile app or laptop (that should be connected with internet). However, the platform is closed source but in the medium to longterm phase, the idea is to establish an online server dedicated to UnMonastery to include wide range of shows.

Today the session would be to connect experiences, confessions, inspirations and goals from UnMonastery and Matera community.

This includes; 10 to 15 mins live show that is to be broadcasted between 13 to 14 hours (the exact time will be published on edgeryders website, twitter and facebook channels of platform.

Furthermore, some audio podcasts would also be recorded that can be heard anytime from anywhere, from the edgeryder platform.

In Parellel, the audio podcasts from other similiar phyical spaces and local communties surrounding them would also be uploaded where interaction cane be initated to either on social networking sites or at the edgeryder community. (In the beginning I will be including SRS - Student Radio in Sweden, and radio campus Orebro, 

Moreover, communities like , an Italian based web radio community dedicated to develop online radio station presence in Italy.


Audio Podcast Recordings

Discussions about Personal Projects of edge ryders at UnMonastery / Track 1 upSkilling

Discussion on Mumble - how this tool may help to connect real time on ground projects via radio that may attribute to physical spaces located any where in the world at the same to coordinate/prototype/manage. Location, community place across Unmonestery


Really cool

Well played, [aden]. This sounds really cool.

What’s needed?

Aden, this is awesome and could really be helpful to keep the momentum after the LOTE3, linking the ER resources to the unMons, contribute to the outreach of the unMon in Matera. I am sure we can work this out with Rita and this can be part of the activities that bring us to February. To do so, can you tell us what exactly is needed?

Post UnMonestery Event

Hey Ilaria

I totally agree about keeping up the momentum. I am in the process of making a show of radio which i will be pointing out some of the things needed/contributed/desired regarding the connectivity of engaging projects and community members in parellel with other creative physical spaces around Europe

I am going to be returning to Copenhaden today and will work on documentation this week

Hope all is good at the capital of Europe :wink:

c ^ web/radio

YEAH! Radio is indeed a powerful mass communication channel

Airtime by Sourcefabric would be convenient open source software to use. Are there any servers in UnMonastery?

I would like to offer my services as audio magician if anybody needs help with audio development related to this project (podcasts production, open source software advice, creative discussion).

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[Matthias] about server space

Sweet! Thanks, aden.

  1. I was thinking, would it be a good idea to make an official ER account on spreaker? From now I will be in charge of the ERsweden twitter handle and we can use it together specifically for this purpose. Radio unMon can be a subcategory on ERaudio (on spreaker).

May be, we can do some postprod when you have time, to create something listenable for those who haven’t been to LOTE. Please, ping me and tell how I can help.

  1. Apart from spreaker, for the future and further distribution: add some tunes and go podomatic?

Yes, go webservice I’d say

About server space:

I agree with K that the webradio hosting is best be done by using one of the available cost-free hosting services (may I also propose SoundCloud as an alternative). It is similar to having an Edgeryders YouTube or Vimeo account: the platform is not open source and distinct from our own, but media can be embedded in posts to, and audiovisual media is not search engine visiable anyway (so not a reason to keep them on our platform), and a specialized media platform also attracts a public of listeners by itself. It’s certainly way less hazzle than starting a media hosting and streaming platform on the Edgeryders server, so I would propose that for a start. If desired, we can move to a self-hosted open source solution later still.

Works, or do I miss something important?

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I’m going to visit Sourcefabric next week

I will ask if they have any recommendations/tips for using Airtime in the UnMonastery setting.

Radio is a wonderful medium for pulling a city together, to keep track of a city’s mood, to support local music, organisations, and events.

I mentioned to a couple of people at LOTE3 that I really miss the community feeling and live music scene that the local independent radio stations in Auckland (my home town) give to the city. A friend of mine has run one such example (Fleet FM) for 10 years and can probably give some good advice on setting up a freeform radio station. I’m listening to it right now, in fact (they’re currently playing some rad ass krautrock on the graveyard show.)

Matera could gain a lot from a freeform radio station by Materani, for Materani. Does anyone know the current state of radio in Matera? in a quick online search I could only find 3 stations: Top 40, Love Songs, and Christian radio.

It could also be interesting to run a Matera radio station over a mesh network intranet, does anyone have any ideas/links/suggestions? [elf Pavlik]?

A radio project can be a vehicle for a lot of different ideas, and interest many different Edgeryders. [Kathleen] is creating podcasts on local people an issues in her neighbourhood, and may be interested in this project too. I mentioned to [Nat] an idea I had about doing regular ‘show and tell’ podcast sessions with record store workers in Berlin, and as it turns out she’s already done something similar with antique stores in Istanbul. Radio can be the basis for educational projects about journalism, storytelling etc. Educational workshops can also be held to make hardware, whether cheap small scale radio transmitters/receivers, speakers, etc.

one little thought I had as a symbolic community-strengthening gesture and branding/sting for such a radio station was to set up mics in the Sassi to automatically transmit the sound of every bell peal to the new town and everyone listening online. (just in the background, otherwise it gets annoying)

One person you should meet

[aden] and [Sam Muirhead], you should talk to Emanuela Vita about this (Facebook profile). She is from Bologna, but comes to Matera often and has applied for the unMonastery. Also interested in web radio, with some experience. Maybe this could morph into an unMonastery Hyperlocal WebRadio project?

unMonastery Hyperlocal Radio

Picking up on @Alberto’s comment, and the other input - yes the idea is to build a hyperlocal live radio / archived podcast radio project in Matera, and yes I agree with @Matthias about outsorcing media hosting - we’ll do a technical review of the current best options later - whether that’s Spreaker or SoundCloud, and how this relates to local mesh wifi networks, mobile and 3g.

The main point is that is connects space - so it connects cafés to each other and to the unMonastery. It also connects the Matera unMonastery to similar spaces in London, Austria, Sweden and elsewhere through the automagical means of tuning into the station and people hearing intimate music and conversation from other p2p spaces. Finally it connects people, the kids in Matera, with the FM station in Matera, with the café owners in matera, with the unMonasterians, with musicians, and with people who like to talk. It does with without interfering with the social space (unlike video), and there is alot we can make - FM Radio’s, wifi, hotspots etc.

We’ll be following up with the workshops we did in lote3 with some Hangouts in the comign days to see who would like to get involved from the wider EdgeRyders community - the idea is to co-ordinate this as a group project, with hotswapped unMonasterians, andindividuals taking responsibility for local events in their own geographical reagions - see

Anyone interested in taking part / contributing?

Examples to UnMonastery Radio w.r.t Hyper local and outsourcing

Here are some of the tracks that I had broadcasted live from Spreaker, (free, which lasts 30 mins and you can start again) and gets saved on your profile which can be easily shared/embed anywhere.  See through the quality and maybe we can also record edgeryders audio comments post experiences (which can be edited to develop into a show for 15 mins, with ad words in it).

all tracks

Matera Song / with a story

THING, “gathering” on the cliff after sunset infront of UnMonestary, -  critical thinking about the story of LIfe of Pie

Gathering at the Bio Community across UnMonestary - Discussion on having “Road Monks”

Open Jam Session by Ede Ryders at UnMonestary

Broadcast from the river down the cliff after sunset … chillex discussion (notice the sound of river)

Transmedia & Interactive media vs just radio concept.

Just like TV, Radio is something which are something we are all used to tuning into via a radio and or tv box.

The internet has now changed all of this. I would propose that unMonastery have an internet radio presence but would encourage the thought of more of a website that offers any type of media such a Video/Audio/Images.

Heres a great example of a webbased radio station

UCY is using as well as offering video news.



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UnMonastery Radio Blog

I have been working on establishing Web Radio for UnMonastery, take is not just an ordinary sound streaming platform but brings in varied semantics and meta-morphs from sound, audio sensations.

During my stay at Matera first in nov 2013 and then in may 2014 , totaling six weeks of my time have taught me a lot about future of co-working and co-living.

This is the blog I am developing that involves stories of people around Matera, projects happening at UnMonastery, development of the society in terms of collective wisdom and incorporating globalization is what the blog is aim to report.

This blog not only helps develop UnMonastery Radio that connects other physical as well as online creative spaces but also supports in the development of UnMonastery in a box