Next Steps - unMonastery Post-LOTE3

unMonastery Matera - keeping it alive, pre-opening

In order to keep the spirit of unMonastery alive in Matera and the energy moving in advance of the big opening in February - we need to create events and situate happenings at the site. @ilariadauria has made the first move towards making this happen on this post.

It’s suggested that you post on the thread Ilaria’s already started if you have an idea for something you’d like to do during this interim period - things that are floating in the air in this moment, a Form Storm, a Christmas get together and salon style sessions with individual project applications, linked with MT2019.

Making Sense of LOTE3

We covered a lot of ground during the unconference and we’ve been doing the best job we can to pull together all the documentation from the sessions - we need some help turning this into actionable tasks and continuing the good work we started. [Nadia] has put together a table that links out to all the session documentation compiled so far. In addition there is a form to fill out to share feedback and thoughts. We’re also compiling press and photos in one place and putting together a thank you page for everyone that helped make LOTE3 happen.

TRACK 2: Building the unMonastery Co-design the unMonastery /t/making-lote3/360/co-design-unmonastery-documentation-and-looming-questions

@ben, @immaginoteca, @antonioelettrico

200 years of unMonastery history /t/honourable-unpompous-lote3-and-unmonastery-hosts-committee/449/200-years-of-unmonastery-history

@bembo_davies, @ben

Replicating the unMonastery /t/making-lote3/360/replicating-unmonastery-session-documentation @vvorski Mapping unMonastery challenges with Open Street Map /t/making-lote3/360/openstreetmap-session ? @simonecortesi The birth of an ancient tradition /t/unmonastery/315/the-birth-of-an-ancient-tradition @bembo_davies Vilfredo goes to Matera /t/making-lote3/360/vilfredo-other-tools-for-decision-making-session-documentation

@pietro, @leo

unMonastery online radio /t/making-lote3/360/establishing-online-radio-unmonastery

@aden @sammuirhead @fortyfoxes

Uniforms: habit and belonging /t/making-lote3/360/uniforms-habit-and-belonging-session-documentation

@zoescope, Felix, @bembo_davies, @alberto, @la_gaia, @irynasi

session missing? add it here!

New Things

We’ve started putting together an FAQ for unMonastery by asking everyone to add their questions, we’ll then work together to answer these questions.

@alberto has suggested that we put forward a proposal to CheFare2 and @ilariadauria has said she will take the lead, providing theirs good support, Italian speakers very much welcomed!

Stefano has asked us to put forward a paper/text about unMonastery for BioUrbanism - I’m up for starting work on this next weekend but as always would appreciate help from anyone who’s interested. Here’s what he said:

Please, have a look at . Would you or one of yours, publish a page with a couple of pics, to explain our readers biourbanists what your project is about?

We are prototyping (via service design) a model for reviving small Italian villages, by using local energies and potentialities, connecting them with international creatives, but mostly seeking for local solutions, roots, ideas, and initiatives - otherwise we’d risk to colonize and kill, instead of helping and unfolding ( At the moment, we are working with 5 cities South Rome.

Get more involved in unMonastery

Following the approach of LOTE3, the rhetoric still stands that if you believe in it, you can build it - carrying the energy of the space online can be a difficult feat but we welcome anyone who started building parts of unMonastery whilst at LOTE3 to continue working with us to realise the project. This can take different forms, from writing a post on the platform with your ideas, to taking on one of the existing tasks set out in the last major update on unMonastery.

If you’d like to join the team and just get stuck into building with us, this post I wrote a while ago about roles is the place to head or drop us an email

I’ve copied some of the key outstanding tasks from that post below:


The Should:

-It would be much appreciated if someone could help with updating the website, it’s built on a very straight forward CMS called Concrete5, anyone interested let me know!

  • We really need a future planner and fundraiser, someone who’s good at writing funding applications and has the time to identify opportunities and manage them.

The Could:

-Start a meetup for unMonastery/EdgeRyders in your city.

  • Join a team, even small amounts of time given weekly to the project are greatly appreciated and help unMonastery progress. The organisational structure of unMonastery can be seen here.

  • Create a coded version of the popplet for the website with direct contact details to team members.

-Take turns writing the summary for each community call.


The Should:

The Could:

  • Ola who does the graphic design work for unMonastery has offered to produce things that need to be created; for presentations, the website and general communications - if you have a clear brief (preferably with a drawing or mockup) email him and CC me!

  • More people feeding into the social media accounts, if you’d like to do this and are already involved in unMonastery or EdgeRyders email me for access.

  • There is a need for a well structured go to presentation for speaking on the unMonastery, its been on the to-do list for months, I will have this done by mid-november at the latest but any help is appreciated in advance.


This update is written before I’ve had the opportunity to fully decompress or digest everything that happened at LOTE3, but I realised it’s totally crucial that we pull everything into one place and begin to galvanise what we started in Matera, if I’ve missed anything fundamental or you’ve things to add to the pot please do so in the comments thread below.

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