EU Regions Week 2022

Our proposal to host one of the side events during the EU Regions Week 2022 has been accepted.

We will organise an online co-creation workshop on the inequalities dimension of European environmental policies.

The title is “The Green Transition and its discontents: social and regional inequalities in environmental policies”


  • Introduction and welcome: 5 minutes
  • Presentations: 25 minutes
  • Interactive part (questions, remarks, conversations with the audience): 60 minutes.

Participants - TBC

  • Marina Batinić (Croatia Culture Hub), Chair – Introduction to the workshop
  • Vasna Ramasar (University of Lund) – Intersecting injustices: understanding the entanglement of climate change and social injustices.
  • Giovanni Carrosio (Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità) – Place-aware vs. place-blind environmental policies: the case of energy policies in Italy.
  • Roberta Cucca (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) – Green segregation: emergent consequences of environmental policies in urban areas in Norway.
  • Alberto Cottica (Edgeryders) – Seeing trouble coming: ethnography as participatory foresight.

The list of selected side events will be published on the EURegionsWeek website, “Side Events” section, by 16 September.


  • by 9 September send the relevant link for registration - I propose we go via Eventbrite, as we did in 2020
    to do that, we have to:
  • confirm the participants
  • conifrm the date and contact their office to set it


  • Edgeryders is entirely responsible for the content, organisation, management of the event.
  • Zoom is encouraged as digital platform (in line with the official #EURegionsWeek sessions).
  • Branding: we are asked to use the branding template for side events that will be available on the side events section of the #EURegionsWeek website as from September.
  • We will have to prepare a report (template) within one week of the event, by 17 November 2022 at the latest (the online report form will be available on the side events section of the #EURegionsWeek website).

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