EU Week of Regions and Cities 2022

EU Week of Regions and Cities (organised by DG REGIO and the Committee of the Regions) has come to its 20th edition and this year is taking place from 10 to 13 October, mostly online (with a couple of exceptions).
This year the focus is on:

  • Green transition
  • Territorial Cohesion
  • Digital transition
  • ​Youth empowerment

Edgeryders’ last participated in 2019 with a successfull workshop on Citizen Engagement and Regional Policies

With the recent work on the territorial responses to environmental problems, the collaboration with Uni Turin, the initiative on the regional pathfinders and other projects, it can be a useful moment to build upon.

2022 edition build on two catergories of participants:

  • a partnership application

    • max number of partners 6 (legal status - various)
    • priority goes to applications with at least 2 partners
    • only one application per partner is allowed
  • a regional partnership application

    • a group with exclusively local or regional authorities jointly organising an event

Session formats



  • workshops: 90 minutes, 4 speakers + 1 moderator
  • info sessions: 60 minutes, 3 speakers + 1 moderator
  • participatory lab: 90 minutes, 4 speakers + 1 moderator
  • exhibition
    • exhibitor’s pitch - 15 minutes

The criteria require only one application, high communication standards, gender balance, environmental impact, minimum 50 participants registered before 30 September.

The special events include high level workshops and testimonials (the organisers decide the “height” of the “level”.


Deadline 15 July

There is a set of side events linked to the themes and the formats of the Regions Week. They are not part of the official programme, but are presented on a dedicated page.

For the documentation and detailed descriptions - here.

Key dates

  • Kick off meeting: 3 February
  • Deadline for applications: 31 March
  • Communication of selection results: 16 May
  • 1st partners meeting: 31 May
  • Partners to update session content (title & descriptions): 10 June
  • Communication of time slots: End June
  • Online programme, registration open: Summer
  • Session content update (names of speakers & moderators): 19 August
  • 20th European Week of Regions and Cities: 10-13 October
  • Deadline for submitting e-reports: 31 October