Expedition Freedom: Quest 1 Summary

Night demonstration in ThessalonikiSo, it is time to make a brief summary of the first quest of the Expedition. In 3 weeks, mostly hitch hiking, I made over 1100 km trip throughout mainland Greece (http://goo.gl/maps/kgZop), visiting 8 cities, talking to tens of people in dozens of communities. The goal was to make a short list of communities, ready to share their practical knowledge on self-governance with those who want to set their own groups, and make them last. I succeeded. There are 6 groups now (http://expeditionfreedom.org/cat/english/on-board/) which already decided to participate, plus 4 more now in the decision-making process. I have also sent several ‘cold-mails’ to those who I could not meet in person and still waiting for their answers. All that was achieved thanks to great social support I received. From Edgeryders, one of first informal groups I discussed the project with. From my friends in Europe and beyond. From dozens of people (http://expeditionfreedom.org/supporters/) who supported the mission (and me) through funding, feeding, transportation, shelter, good advises and sympathy. You are a great team! Thank You! Now, this is the moment to start Quest 2 - bringing the secret of long-lasting communities to the world. I will get back to you soon, with the call for peer review of the Crowdfunding campaign we are about to launch. And for your support to complete the next quest.

So glad you made this huge step

!! This is great news Petros, feels like yesterday you were pitching the idea in Brussels.

FYI for promotion of the project you might want to add alterthess.gr to your list (they’re in Greek only, but maybe get in touch via twitter?), an alternative news website created by a guy Stolis and 4 friends from Thessaloniki. Quoted by The Guardian:

He’s not making money. “But it’s really important to me,” Stolis says. “We’re working together. That’s hope for the future. I think more and more of us will be like this, doing our own projects. People have got it now. That degree wasn’t the key to prestige and security everyone said it was. And not everyone can be doctors or lawyers or engineers.”

PS Every time I go to your website it looks different from last time. Good different :slight_smile:

Good investment :slight_smile:

I love your list of people that “jumped ships”. Urban gardening, “no middleman” food distribution,  social spaces, tech people… how the hell did you achieve that? How long did it take you? How did you overcome the language barrier? I am looking at these people’s websites, but many have no English translation, I don’t even understand what they are up to.

Seriously, this is a really valuable skill. I am proud to be one of your supporters.

With a little help of my friends…

…including you, Alberto, and Noemi, it was actually rather simple. :slight_smile:

People are out there. They are just not as internetted as we are (remember the ‘telegraphist’ metaphore from early ER discussions?). So, having absolutely minimum online contacts I went to Greece and started literally asking people locally - had I have a bit more time, I would bring much more contacts back - for Greece you need like 2 weeks per location - to get connected. It is all good old social networking there - takes time. :slight_smile:

Now, If I gather enough support, I hope to get a lot of real, structured knowledge out pf them.

Greeks seem to be great in small group self-governance. Another story is Spain. Apparently they have very interesting knowledge to share about massive movement organization: http://guerrillatranslation.com/2013/07/01/unity-sans-convergence/ - going there  is planned next year (Janek cannot go this year).


Well, my hat is off to you, sir. I am scavenging for little bits of hacker economy in the Naples area. I have more resources than you do, but you are basically matching my whole team’s results. And we are Italians in Italy! We need to understand this much, much better. You are shrugging it off “people are out there”, but that’s less than half the story. They are, but they are so off the map it almost hurts. This is a serious skill you are showing, I’m telling you.

I might need some support from you at some point on this. But I need to figure out what to ask exactly.

Any time. :slight_smile:

I believe that we can easily map Italy as well, if we join forces. This is for the common good, after all.