At the last meeting of Team Recruitment & Onboarding we talked about the limited access to the Facebook page standing in the way of acting fast when we need to cancel.

To avoid too much back-and-forth I have taken the liberty to share access to our page with my R&O fellows that I know are on Facebook, namely @mieke and @alberto. @ChrisM feel free to ping me if you would also like access? @reef-comms I hope this is ok, and grateful if you could continue to take on the coordination of our Facebook page.

Another thing that we discussed, was the need to make our presentations look a little less marginal (currently there’s not much more than 3 people confirming their attendance). To this end, I was wondering:

  • Can it be an option to set up a chat group “Friends of The Reef”, which we would swear to only use to ask our friends (former Reeflings or other) to share an event or status update every once and while?

  • Can it be an option to have another look at the text and graphics that we use for the presentations? If only that we mention that we do actually welcome 25-35 people at each and every presentation, so that nobody should worry that they’ll be alone.


there is nobody in @reef-comms that can take care of that. if we set up a chat or group in facebook someone needs to community manage that and moderate.

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yes, i can have a look. this is a text+image that I just copy paste from previous events and I have not review for a longtime

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:star2: Join The Reef Cohousing Project Presentation! :star2:

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a new way of living? The Reef invites you to our upcoming presentation, where we’ll introduce you to our visionary cohousing project in Brussels.

:house_with_garden: Who We Are:

The Reef is a community of individuals dedicated to creating a sustainable, socially connected living environment. We’re open to new members of all ages who are eager to invest their time and resources in building a cohousing community. Whether you’re seeking an investment opportunity in real estate or simply looking for a more socially connected way of living, we welcome you with open arms.

:seedling: Why Join Us:

By joining The Reef, you become part of a diverse and resilient community committed to collaboration and mutual support. While we’re still in the process of securing a site, joining our project involves dedicating 2-3 hours of work each week. As a self-managed project, every member has a voice in shaping our collective future.

:date: Event Details:

  • Date: [Insert Date]
  • Time: [Insert Time]
  • Location: [Insert Location]

:sparkles: What to Expect:

During the presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our project, meet current members, and ask questions about how you can get involved. Typically, we have around 25-30 people in attendance, creating a vibrant atmosphere for discussion and connection. Drinks will be available for purchase, so come ready to mingle and engage with like-minded individuals!

Don’t miss this chance to explore a new way of living and investing in your future. RSVP now to secure your spot and take the first step towards joining The Reef community!

For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact us at [Your Contact Information].

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our vision with you!

Warm regards,
The Reef Cohousing Project Team

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Thanks a ton @manuelpueyo!

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