Next public presentation: 17 April 2024

Hello @reeflings,
Our next public presentation will take place on 17 April. As usual there are some tasks that need to be done before, during and after the presentation and a complete overview can be found in this document:

@manuelpueyo : We really need as much publicity as we can get, so could you:

  1. make asap a FB event using the text that you wrote (you will see that Chris & Alberto made some small changes) : Facebook - #4 by manuelpueyo . Here is the link to the [registration form] (Cohousing The Reef: Registration form for the public presentation on 17 April 2024) that you will have to add to the text.
  2. tag all reeflings in a message where you invite them to share the FB event on their social media accounts
  3. send out a newsletter asap
  4. let me know when you’ve done all the above :slight_smile:

@Lee en @manuelpueyo: Do we still have enough flyers? If yes: could you bring some to the plenary so that everyone could distribute some? If no: could you print some more?

@Dave_behave: Would you be willing to organise the bar again?


  1. Please make publicity by posting the event on your various social networks and distributing flyers. By making publicity, make sure that you don’t share the specific URL of the registration form on social media (because of bots) but refer to the FB event itself or thereef.brussel and to tell the people to click on ‘Join us’.
  2. It would also be great if some of you could be there on the evening of the presentation, in particulary after the presentation to engage with potential reeflings for drinks and talks. Please drop a message below if you can be there :slight_smile:

That’s it for now. See you all soon!


Thanks a lot for that @mieke!

I have a stack of flyers > 10 centimeters, and I’ll bring some to the plenary.

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could you please bring them all flyers you have to the plenary. i am not sure i will be able to bring more this time. but i have plenty in my office

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Count on me!

How are things going on Instagram?

I’ve got the bar under control.


Hi @manuelpueyo, could you give an update on the different action points & questions above?

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hello team! this is the facebook event, I am the artist who did the drawing of the house in the banner. feel free to send me some praises :joy:


Thanks @manuelpueyo! I bow for your drawing skills!

Small note: it seems like the bold formatting on headers has bugged when copy/pasted (it shows asterisks). Could you please have a look at that?

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done! i actually left them deliberately, i thought the asterisks looked funky

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newsletter sent :flight_departure:


:loudspeaker: Calling all @reeflings Let’s make waves together! :ocean: Our public presentation event is just around the corner, and we need your help to spread the word far and wide! :earth_africa: Please share our Facebook event with all your friends and family Let’s do this! :muscle: #CommunityPower #SpreadTheWord #TheReef


@manuelpueyo and @mieke thanks. I have shared it on Facebook and send a message to some people I know. Have a nice day.


Shared it too. I did my sharing in French.

Is there a point in trying to make the Facebook event less anglophone? It worries me a bit (on inclusivity grounds) that English is so dominant. Like translating the title in French and Dutch, or even the whole thing? But then it becomes long… ping @Lee @Sarah

I shared the FB event too!
@manuelpueyo : is there also an Instagram post to share?

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For me offering the text in Dutch and in French is more a point of acknowledging that we are part of a society where these are the main languages. To attract people however, given that we have seen people dropping out fast because of the language, I think it is better to just keep it to English. For me it’s what I say in the presentation “chosing is losing”: whatever choice we would have made when it comes to language, there will always be people who will drop out.

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@manuelpueyo I added some instagrammable pictures in the “Photos” folder.

Would someone know how to handle this GDPR-wise?

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i agree with alberto. i think next time we should make it shorter and add in 3 languages. my personal option

Thanks! I see them, no GDPR, my guess is that you need to ask the people in the pictures. but maybe we can just post about the event without personal photos

Hello everyone, the presentation is in two weeks and we have 13 registrations so far.

@manuelpueyo: I just noticed twice the same paragraph in the text of the FB event, could you correct that? Could you also boost the FB-post to make some more publicity? Is there also something published on Instagram and do you see another way to make the public presentation more visible on social media?
@reeflings: please share the event on your socials and spread the word :slight_smile:

Thank you all!


Hello Mieke,
I changed the double paragrahp. thanks for pointing this out :grinning:.
I am trying to boost the event but i have a technical issue with FB. *you cant manage ad accounts because you are restricted from advertising

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