“Fatti più in là” or Step Aside

The below story is written by a third party (Me!), on behalf of a participant at the WeMake codesign session.

In any city you can find parking lots reserved for drivers with disaplibity.  In all cities!  However, the law is different, while some countries allow you to temporarily use the lot while your engine is still on, others don’t even let you drive inside, and in both cases, other drivers, who are not disabled, give themselves the liberty to use the available parking lot dedicated for disabled, because the found it empty.   If you have a disabiliy and you end up never finding the places that are dedicated to you whenever you are trying to park.  Wouldn’t it be much more fair for everyone, to create a system, that react to others who carelessly took your parking?   If you are lucky enough, maye the system can alarm the police to come and take action, if not, at least, the system can alarm others that someone without a disability is now stealing a disabled person’s place.  Possibly, the social aspect is just as important as the legal fine.    What do you think?

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It may be of interest to Rune

Hi @Rune, this is the story the Milano team are working on, just in case you want to ask anything or keep in touch with developments.

Casestory-newcomer to OpenCare

Hi Noemi, it was great talking to you using the online meeting room. It realy gave some insight to the possibilities for ‘tele care’.

As I told you we are working on a solution for people living with spinal cord injury (http://mecfes.wikispaces.com/)  and I’d like to contribute with a casestory (like issues on transferring the technology into practical/clinical use).

I found out that our  project resonates with the OpenCare project by sharing a similar vision (http://mecfes.wikispaces.com/Mark)  vs. the story of Franko/Hacker comunity-driven care in the EU proposal.

However there are some issues with the OpenCare (or is it Op3nCare?) site which I’d like to discuss or understand better.  Would it be the proper place to proceed in this discussion or is there a more appropriate/ preferred way?

You were right: clinical involvement most interesting

Thanks for the links @Rune, I’m super curious to read the story. As I was reading the translated story of Marco the thing I kept asking myself is : but how do doctors run pre-evaluations and clinical trials for a hacked neuroprosthesis? The best place to upload the story, as I was saying, is going to opencare.cc -> Share your Story.

As for the whole of opencare on this site, to understand how it is designed I recommend reading first our Guide for OpenCare online community. Just a quick issue on the naming: OpenCare is the official name of the EU funded project that we are committed to run as per the proposal. While Op3nCare is also pretty much the same as you will read in the guide, designating the community conversations, the name and materials with this “3” spelling have the advantage of allowing more freedom - for example some participants are not from the European Union per se and may be inhibited if they see “EU research project” all over the website, so having an alternative brand umbrella can help. If you wish, it’s a hack to keep the space open.

For more technical design issues, I was saying that your user story, bug reporting and suggestions are welcome in the Technical development group. Please bear with the developers as they have a long list of things to fix still :-)