Edgeryders Dev & Testing

We maintain and improve our edgeryders.eu website. Join if you care about our home on the web, and you would like to help!

We need many different contributions, so there is something for everybody: from testing to documentation writing, visual design, Drupal backend tasks, CSS tweaking and Drupal development.

Currently coordinated by Matt. Everybody welcome, just click “Subscribe to Group” and “Follow”.

Our most important content:

  • How to join the edgeryders.eu developers. Step by step intro on how to start contributing to the site's infrastructure.
  • Taskmanager for Dev & Testing. If you want to help us with the site, look no further. Includes tasks for newcomers and a way to subscribe to tasks and manage them.
  • Issue Reports and Feature Requests. Go the Taskmanager and use the search string to make sure that someone else has not already submitted the same issue. Done this, create a task to add a bug or feature request.
  • User Manual. All documentation for readers, content creators and moderators on edgeryders.eu.
  • Developer Manual. All documentation for edgeryders.eu backend admins, maintainers and programmers.
  • Long-term Plans. Idea collections what to do with this platform in the long run.
  • Changelog. All the completed tasks, documenting our recent changes to the platform software.
  • Team. All the friendly people who want to contribute to the edgeryders.eu site's development.