Faye Alund - President of Coworking Indonesia and Co-founder of KUMPUL

Photo Faye Alund

Hello all,

My name is Faye Alund and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Kumpul, a co-learning platform that provides quality programs as an engine for ecosystem builders. I am also president of Coworking Indonesia association, supporting the development of Coworking in Indonesia.

Our tech platform is a marketplace of four programs that ecosystem builders can tap into, but I think the key to my work is the power of community, and local heroes. When we started, it was so difficult to explain coworking and why it’s important for economic development of a country. We really believe that we coworking is one of the most effective ecosystem builder, and now there are 300 spaces across Indonesia.

When people get stuck in their bubble they meet the same people again and again. It’s important to burst that bubble, and coworking is accelerating that serendipity. Our yearly Unconference is a big part of that.

Meet Faye at our event on 21/7. Registration is free of charge. To get your ticket, just post a thoughtful comment here to help drive the thinking and learning forward and we will send you the access code. Did you sign up via eventbrite? We ask that you too contribute to the conversation here ahead of the event to ensure everyone is on the same page, better networking etc. More info.

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